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Redefining Racism

racists everywhere

The gradual redefinition of common words is one of the most effective techniques for advancing a hidden agenda. The process is quite simple. First you take word X which is widely agreed to be undesirable. Then you gradually redefine word X to cover concept Y which you wish to eradicate. When someone expresses support for concept Y, you shut them down by simply accusing them of being an X.


Words matter, they matter a lot. Words define our thoughts and our thoughts drive our actions. By the manipulation of language it is possible to effect changes without people even realising what has happened.

Over the years, the definitions of the words in our dictionaries can gradually change. Often times this happens so slowly that we barely notice. Sometimes, this may be a natural process of change.  Sometimes, it isn’t.

The corruption of language can be driven by groups or individuals with agendas. It seems hardly likely that those agendas would be in our best interests.

George Orwell understood the danger posed by the corruption of language and knew who was responsible. He railed against the excessive use of long and unnecessary words, over complex sentences and vague and inaccurate descriptions. Orwell saw how this, “newspeak” as he called it, was used as a shield by the political classes to hide and distort despicable truths.


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  1. Racist – a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.

    Everyone is a racist from time to time. Some just more than others.
    Certain nefarious individuals have just decided to weaponize the word. “Sticks and stones”…..

  2. The word “racist” doesn’t mean anything, anymore.

    It is simply an empty epithet to stifle debate and curtail dialogue.

    And it isn’t just the socialists who have turned it into an insult, it has, evolutionarily, had less clarity and meaning over the past 120 years, or so.

    As the biological sciences have progressed, and we discovered that we share 98% of our DNA with primates, that whole racial divisiveness looks more and more foolish. We don’t NEED race to hate each other – in the Congo Civil War the “soft hair” negroes hated the “hard hair” negroes and would kill them on sight. In Chad they’d check each other’s dicks for circumcision and kill on the basis of that discovery. Remember the Rwanda genocide? Didn’t need any racial discrepancies, there! Or the 100 Years War? Or the 30 Years War? Or the Mozambique Civil War? Or the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya? Ostensibly against the British, but they slaughtered about 10x more negroes than Brits.

    Now, “racist” means “you want lower taxes.”

  3. It is very apparent, based on recent history, that Black, Brown and Yellow people hate and despise white people. What again is the definition of racism?

  4. I fucking hate all the dumbasses who believe in marriage equality and I really hate the dumbasses that taught it to a generation of innocent children… that and fisting for first graders.

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