Refugees sue Pennsylvania district: ‘Did not find the school that I deserved’

EAG:  LANCASTER, Pa. – Somali refugee Qasim Hassan told a Pennsylvania court that upon his arrival in America, “I did not find the school that I deserved.”

Hassan is among six refugees who are suing Lancaster schools with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, alleging that an alternative school where some older refugees were placed isn’t good enough, and the inadequate instruction violates their rights,PennLive reports.

“We came to get a better education,” Sudanese refugee Khadidja Issa told the court.

The lawsuit alleges refugee students “were, are, or may be in the future denied their right to equal educational opportunities and meaningful public education by Defendant School District of Lancaster in violation of the U.S. Constitution, federal civil rights statutes, and Pennsylvania education law,” according to PennLive.


29 Comments on Refugees sue Pennsylvania district: ‘Did not find the school that I deserved’

  1. What they deserve is a filthy mud hut in Sudan and roasting cockroaches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

  2. The average IQ in Somalia is 68. The best education they can hope for is to be taught not to fling their feces.

  3. Most Kids who attend “public” schools don’t have the education they deserve. And school choice is killed by the unions and the democrats every time.
    So Qasim, welcome to the NEA and the AFT. If you desire better go back to Somalia, you ungrateful leech.

  4. Frankly, with the product that is churned out by today’s US ‘educational system’, I’m surprised that every parent in the country doesn’t sue.

  5. “The class moves fast and I don’t learn anything,”

    Ohhh.. so everyone else in the class is suppose to suffer a slower agenda because you’re a freaking retard.

  6. “placed with older refugees” – these are young MEN who want to be put in schools with our vulnerable CHILDREN. They don’t GAF about education. They have probably already learned all they care to know from maddrassas.

  7. “The class moves fast and I don’t learn anything,”

    Perhaps it’s because you’re stupid and lazy.
    Try Yemen. I hear their educational system is fantastic. Better yet contact Boko Haram for their help in getting an education.

  8. I believe this is a new level of ungratefulness. Perhaps she should be placed into the school of hard knocks.

  9. The Constitution was written by the Founding Fathers for them and their descendants [Preamble].
    As you are a member of neither group, you don’t have any rights, except to go right back where you came from.

  10. She admits she came “for a better education.”


    She admits she’s NOT a refugee!
    Send ’em all back!

  11. “The average IQ in Somalia is 68”

    I’m absolutely sure you’re right, but which other nation are you comparing them to?

    Within their own population the average is always 100. That’s how it works.

    You can be above average in Romper Room and walk next door into a Mensa meeting and be below average. Nothing changed with you, just the compared-to-what-set-of-people changed.

    While the Army measured me at 140 IQ, any room I am in by myself has a 100 average. If Fur walks in and it’s just us, the room’s average will still be 100, but he will be above that average and I will be below it. (I’m assuming Fur is more capable than myself, in general, here)

    Make sense?

  12. I’ll chip in for a ONE way ticket back to their country of origin. I’m all up for doing the right thing.

  13. Someone needs to tell you people, Obama lied. Nothing is free! Nothing is Free! Say it all day
    long until you really get it!
    Obama promised all the black citizens of America he would give them jobs, homes
    and everything else. He gave them nothing, so why would he give you anything? You
    have been lied to and you believed a foolish lie. Who gets something for nothing? No one.
    Stop being foolish and go home.

  14. Like some moron from Somalia whould even know about schools. Probably thought the kid would learn more uses for cow dung around the hut.

  15. The motherfucking foreigners are coming here from all over the world, and they could give a shit less about anything of our national heritage and culture. Drive to town and visit your local welfare office; that’s where you find TOO many of them. This is NOT like when my grandmother got off the boat. I’m surrounded by them, all of them, Polish, Arabic, Nigerians, and no damn color or ethnicity seems to be exempt, for they all seem to have the same attitude, though most won’t show it: Fuck you whitey.

  16. Nevermind: Where I work it’s mostly Mexicans, Dominicans, and Africans.

    These people are ruining the country with their bad attitude and lack of contribution to our society or economy.

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