Remind Me Again. Who is Extreme?

Diogenes’ Middle Finger-

[…] Democratic voters, fed a constant diet of how bad America is,  are increasingly adopting a brand of extremism all their own. DJT’s opponents recently reveled in the fact that a majority of Americans surveyed in a poll sponsored by the president’s favorite news network agreed that Trump’s “go back” tweets constituted a “racist” attack on his opponents.

What they DID NOT dwell on is this: The poll found myriad policy positions that are well within the mainstream of the Democratic Party but anathema to most Americans.

* Would it be a “good thing” if the United States became a little less capitalist and a little more socialist? Fifty-three percent of Democrats agreed.

* Should undocumented immigrants be eligible for free health care? 32 percent say “yes”.

* How about “decriminalizing” illegal border crossing? 49 percent of Democrats agreed. 

This isn’t the only poll to find the Democratic base out of step with the country. more here

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  1. One of several factors that every collapsed society has in common is, the citizenry reached a point where they expected more from society than they were willing to put into it, and there were feckless politicians willing to bankrupt society to deliver. Ours is no different — in fact, it’s apparent that once the downhill slide began, our corrupted liberties made the coming collapse faster and more certain.

  2. The question they should of asked: “How many of you would prefer an all-expenses paid CATAPULT RIDE to Shitholeistan, to straightening up and flying right here in America?” 😡

    And if they PREFER the catapult ride… call it “socialism,” and GIVE ‘EM what they WANT! >:->

  3. Every single time I go out I see some moron with their phone attached to their ear, walking out in traffic as if Momma never taught them to “look both ways” and expecting everyone else to watch out for them.
    I guess that’s better than doing that behind the wheel.
    Bring on the Purge.

  4. What @grool wrote.

    Same old shit.
    Some want to live off the efforts of others.
    As this parasitic percentage of the population grows there’s eventually a tipping point – depending upon the affluence and technical achievements of that society (the lower the subsistence-level of society the lower the tipping point – hunter/gatherer societies, for instance, couldn’t support many parasites). We have the ability to support, literally, millions of parasites – probably 60%-70% of the population – and this gives rise to the foolishness we hear from maggots like the Demonrat candidature and from politicians in general. And – most importantly – it’s a FACT! 35% CAN support the 100% – they’re doing it now – but the insistence upon importing millions of parasitic rat-people will make that 100% into a much larger whole – and that 35% will actually decrease (as a proportion – though the number stays the same).
    This is why ALL socialist monstrosities fail.
    The number of parasites ALWAYS increases to the point that the productive can’t keep up. And since the nihilistic socialist totalitarians are Hell-bent on War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death they continue to push their nefarious agenda past all reality-based constraints until those Four Horsemen come riding.

    No matter how many times this has happened, we seem to learn nothing.

    izlamo delenda est …


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