Reminder: Elizabeth Warren Is A Known Liar Who Will Lie Again And Again To Get What She Wants

Warren has lied about being an American Indian, about sending her kids to private school, and even being fired from a teacher position for being pregnant. And now she’s lying about Bernie Sanders.

SNIP: Not that I don’t mind Progs fighting each other, but She is a habitual liar. Like her girl Hillary, she lies like she breathes.

The Federalist: Tuesday night’s CNN debate was a set-up. And that’s not some internet fever dream, it’s an observation shared by reporters from Rolling Stone and The Huffington Post to Fox News and The Daily Caller. Even late-night comedy picked up on the game.

The trap was set the day before, when the hosts of the debate published a story claiming that in 2018, during a private meeting between Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Sanders told Warren a woman can not win the presidency. Reporters have grown even lazier and more comfortable thinking readers are stupid, so the initial report cited four anonymous sources for a story about a one-on-one meeting denied by the Sanders campaign. It also included the hysterical line that Warren’s campaign “declined to comment,” despite the story coming from the candidate and being filled with anonymous Warren campaign comments.

CNN moderator Abby Phillip continued the trend of treating this alleged incident as fact the next night, dismissing Sanders’ denials and opting to ask Warren how the horrible, sexist things Sanders had said made her feel.

“The 24-hour network,” Matt Taibbi wrote at Rolling Stone, “combines a naked political hit with a cynical ploy for ratings.”

Four years prior, of course, Sanders lost the Democrat primary to Hillary Clinton. Before that race, he’d pushed Warren to run for president instead of him. Over the years prior, he’d been recorded on video telling an audience there is no reason a woman cannot win the presidency and telling schoolgirls they could one day win that prize. His supporters have been quick to point to these confirmed facts to dispute this unproven allegation, but there’s more to this equation. read more

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  1. how can you tell Lizzy Warren is lying? … she opens her mouth
    how can you tell Slo Joe is mentally ill? … he opens his mouth
    how can you tell Comrade Bernie wants to take your shit & give it to himself & his Stasi? … he opens his mouth
    how can you tell Gay Jesus is blaspheming? … he opens his love hole
    how can you tell Tom T. Gotrocks or Little Mikey is trying to buy the election? … he opens his wallet

    D’rat Party … in a literal nutshell


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