Reparations for Global Warming


Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” 
– Emma Lazarus

CanadaFreePress: If you thought global warming scaremongering tactics went away with the most recent failed prediction for 2015 when we were supposed to be flooded and underwater, with little polar ice caps left, you would be mistaken.

Writing for the Washington Post, Michael B. Gerrard, a legal scholar at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, proposes that we should take in millions upon millions of refugees that will eventually be displaced by climate change. He said, “We ruined your country. Welcome to ours.” Playing on Emma Lazarus’ famous quote, he adds, “Give us your thirsty, your hot, your flooded masses.” Apparently carbon footprint taxes and wealth redistribution are not enough, we must adopt progressive social engineering of the planet.

If global warming average temperatures increase above 3.6 degrees, islands like Kiribati and the Marshalls and parts of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, and Vietnam will disappear underwater, flooded by melting glaciers in the Himalayas and the Andes. And if people don’t keep their voluntary and non-binding promises to cut CO2 (at the U.N. Climate summit in Paris in December 2015), “the thermometers could go much higher.” From Sierra Leone to Ethiopia, land will turn into desert. The heat will increase violence, ethnic and political tensions, Gerrard said.

Gerrard’s proposed solution is a pledge “to take on a share of the displaced population equal to how much each nation has historically contributed to emissions of the greenhouse gases that are causing this crisis.”  More

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  1. Wimberley TX, flood epicenter: 15K signature global warming petition to take to Ted Cruz because he is not in line.
    Yipper, flash floods are new to Texas. Build your house on the bank of a winding, gentle stream … our illiterate ancestors knew better than that.

  2. They will not go gently into that good night.

    They must be driven, kicking and screaming.

    The hoaxters, the scammers, the redistributionists, the thieves, the liars, the Globaloney Warming priests, and Al Gore, their phony messiah, must be put away to ensure America’s future – otherwise, we are lost – as a nation – as a civilization.

    The longer we wait, the more difficult the job.

  3. Updated version of Emma Lazarus’ poem:

    “Give us the unhappy, the sad, the slow,
    the ugly, people that can’t drive, that have trouble merging, if they can’t stay in their lane, if they don’t signal, they can’t parallel park, if they’re sneezing, if they’re stuffed up, if they’re clogged, if they have bad penmanship, don’t return calls, if they have dandruff, food between their teeth, if they have bad credit, if they have no credit, missed a spot shaving, in other words any dysfunctional defective slob that you can somehow cattle prod onto a wagon, send them over, we want ’em.

    Hey, the door’s open, we’ll take whoever you got.”

    (hat tip to Jerry Seinfeld)

  4. I would argue that this opinion is about as racist and egalitarian as one could get; the sentiment expressed is that we civilized Americans, and more accurately we civilized white educated Americans, must take care of the noble but ignorant savages elsewhere in the world who don’t know any better and cannot possible be held responsible for any global warming. Bullshit. They breathe, they burn fires, they are not into “green energy,” and environmental concerns are secondary to food, shelter and a lot of things we take for granted. These people are normal human beings who want a good life.

    I also tried to look up whether or not global ice is decreasing, increasing or remaining the same. Apparently, this is a heavily debated topic, and the “science is not settled.” However, the ice in my cocktail is currently melting, so I suppose it’s time for a refresher – that is settled science.

  5. As soon as this jerk reports that he has taken “refugees” into his house and that there are jihadis in his basement, santerías sacrificing goats in his attic, and Russian mafiosi running scams out of his rec room, I may start listening, but probably not.

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