REPORT: 5,000 New Cases of Female Genital Mutilation in the U.K.

Reported by anti-extremist group Quilliam, the damning dossier states that though “5391 new cases of FGM were recorded in the UK […] Britain has failed to bring a single perpetrator of FGM to justice.”

The report aims to “highlight the dire situation of FGM conviction rates in the UK” to “act as a catalyst for proactive action on implementing FGM laws in Britain.” more

SNIP:  But , whatever! The 35 million dollar royal wedding of  the clown prince and the American SJW was a bigger priority!

10 Comments on REPORT: 5,000 New Cases of Female Genital Mutilation in the U.K.

  1. Find the guy doing this and castrate the bastard.
    Those worthless fucks that held the girls down for this: remove the tips of all their fingers to remind them every day their hands were used for evil.

  2. This is a procedure done so a woman cannot experience sexual pleasure while having sex with Arab men?
    I can’t figure out why the smelly bastards think it would be necessary.

  3. And why aren’t the women’s groups, NOW, pink pussy hats etc, marching in the streets? Why aren’t they protesting in front of mosques? Where is Ashley Judd? Where the hell is Allisa fucking Mellano ?

  4. How disgusting and sad that no one tries to rescue them…
    When will the English people ever oust the invaders? [If ever?]
    Things will come to a head eventually, no matter how long the left tries to protect their wicked and insane minority ‘pets’.


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