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Report: 77% of Rapists in Paris Are Foreign Born

GB News-

More than three quarters of rapes on the streets of Paris last year were committed by foreign nationals, according to shocking data from French authorities.

97 rapes were recorded in public spaces in France’s capital in 2023 – fewer than a third of which have been solved, local outlet Europe 1 reported.

Of the 97, 36 were arrested, 28 of whom were of foreign nationality – a staggering 77 per cent of those accused – while 30 cases were solved by the authorities. more

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  1. …according to shocking data from French authorities.

    The fuck outa here. The only thing shocking is they were able to actually pry the data out of the sonsabitches. Something the Establishment Republicans and corrupt courts haven’t been preventing with the Climate phonies

  2. The solution is clear enough: Import thousands of goats form North Africa and let them roam the streets of Paris and other French cities. The sound of goats bleating loudly and painfully through the night will become part of French Culture, along with smoking, beret wearing, cheese eating, wine drinking, and the consumption of crusty bread.

  3. All the foreign born Rapists are the product of the Rape of their Mothers.

    Rape is a cultural norm from where they are from (although many victims are small boys).

    Obviously they, like so many illegal foreigners, will not assimilate to the societal norms, laws or traditions of the Country they illegally entered.

    DEPORT all foreign ILLEGAL immigrants who are here against the law.


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