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Report: Colorado ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Sponsor Plans to Kill the Bill


A report from Colorado Newsline indicates the Democrat sponsor of Colorado’s “assault weapons” ban legislation plans to kill her own bill.

According to the report, State Sen. Julie Gonzales (D) said she plans to ask for the bill to be removed from consideration on Tuesday during a committee hearing.

Colorado’s legislative session ends Wednesday, and it appears Gonzales does not believe that that provides the time needed to work on the bill.

She said, “After thoughtful conversations with my Senate colleagues, I decided that more conversations need to take place outside of the pressure cooker of the Capitol during the last weeks of the legislative session.” more

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  1. Any politician that wants to disarm the citizen need to have a law that felony charges brought against the person with a gun protecting them. This includes police and any private or public institution. If the armed individual faces a 10 year imprisonment for protecting these politicians, they will soon drop the demand of disarming us.

  2. I think the so-called assault weapons ban was just a feint.

    Unfortunately, there are a bunch of really bad anti-second amendment laws that are being passed:

    Senate Bill 24-131
    Expanding “gun-free” zones. (From 1988 through August of 2019, more than 85 percent of Mass Public Shootings have occurred in gun-free zones.)

    House Bill 24-1349
    A 6.5% excise tax on firearms and ammunition. (Essentially a sin tax on our God-given right to keep and bear arms).

    House Bill 24-1270
    Firearm Liability Insurance Requirement (Gun owners must carry a $1,000,000 liability policy on EVERY firearm they own, even though no such insurance exists).

    House Bill 24-1353
    State Firearms Dealer Requirements & Permit (This is in addition to the currently mandated onerous Federal Firearms License).

    House Bill 24-1174
    Stricter requirements for concealed carry permits. (Not only very expensive, but much more demanding training than law enforcement officers currently undergo).

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