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Report: Distracted Joe Biden Obsesses, Worries About Hunter’s Gun Trial


President Joe Biden is having trouble focusing on work because he is obsessing and worrying about his son’s gun trial in Delaware, a report by Politico claims.

The White House claimed twice Joe Biden will not pardon Hunter if found guilty in his gun or tax cases.

Joe Biden, who is in France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, is closely following Hunter Biden’s trial, which Politico characterized as a “distraction,” according to three people familiar with his conversations. more

16 Comments on Report: Distracted Joe Biden Obsesses, Worries About Hunter’s Gun Trial

  1. Having trouble focusing, that’s nothing new. His schedule should be normal, mutter something incoherent, stumble off stage shaking hands with imaginary person, then go somewhere and shit and dabble in it. Don’t worry about Hunter, nobody fucks with a Biden.

  2. He’s worried about Hunter?
    Where was Joe the last 2 decades of Hunters addiction and whoring?
    Joe didn’t worry about Hunter spending $50,000 a month for crack and whores. I guess Hunter was bringing in $Millions and borrowing money to pay attorney bills, what to worry, Joe was getting his cut.
    What a dutiful father, who didn’t give a damn, but now he’s worried.

  3. Instead of falling up the steps to AF1 maybe he’ll do us all a favor and take a dive.
    No one will miss him,
    not the border invaders, not the ChiCom puppeteers, not his brother in evil the chocolate jesus, not his skank ‘wife’ the DOCTOR, not even his mafioso friends in Congress.

  4. Politico covers for JoeTato. What’s new?

    But realize that the clapping seals of the left will jump on that to save face. “How dare you alt-right zelots pick on poor President Biden! Look what he has to deal with! Have you no sympathy!”

    To which we will respond, “Not for the racist, pedophile who has only served himself for all the years he’s been in the government.”

    But, we might as well save our breaths because the left cannot follow that ‘convoluted’ logic that uses more than three words.

  5. Where was Joe the last 2 decades of Hunters addiction and whoring?

    Where was he for the last 50 years? Kids are imprinted in the early years. Only God knows what that kid saw going on in that Biden household early on!!

  6. Delicious Irony:
    Hunter gets convicted but Shitpants schedules a presser to show that he loves this black sheep as much as his beloved Beau.
    BUT before he signs the Presidential Pardon, Brandon looks up, confused and disoriented, scratches his head, and DROPS DEAD on live tv.

    So sad! Too bad, smartest guy your father ever met!

  7. All of the Biden children are terribly damaged by their father’s blind ambition and his neglect. And that’s even before his probable sexual and emotional abuse of them. A daughter who attests to her own sex addictions and at least one son who put it all on video. It’s quite sad, really. The Biden family children have lived revolving door lives through drug and other rehabs. Biden’s current wake of destruction started a long time ago in his own home, under his own absence, indifference, perversions, and carelessness. He’s never been a man of good character. A leopard does not change its spots.

  8. He’s not worried about Hunter, he is worried about how much the trial will expose him.

    Ol’ Joe must have some inkling of how much his handlers want to dump him. This would give them an excuse and also allow the Dems to say “See, no one is above the law and we are willing to go after one of our own if needed.” Yes, but the need wouldn’t be the fair application of Justice — it would be to get rid of an albatross.


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