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Report: Harmeet Dhillon Will Challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair

CTH: In a move that could have considerable consequences for the future of the Republican party, Politico is reporting that Harmeet Dhillon is considering a challenge to Ronna McDaniel for the RNC chair position.

Mrs Dhillon is a current RNC national committee member from California and her legal firm Dhillon Law is a current contractor to the RNC.  A little more than a week ago Harmeet Dhillon announced she was going to be partnered with the notorious and corrupt DC insider Henry Barbour from Mississippi.  Barbour, a man of extremely sketchy political disposition, is also a national RNC committee member, and together they were to perform an RNC autopsy in the aftermath of the 2022 midterm election.

Ronna McDaniel said she was going to run for reelection to the RNC chair post despite dismal performance by the national organization against the DNC ballot gathering operation.  Additionally, the trust factor between the RNC and the voting base of the party, specifically the MAGA base, has completely evaporated.  The RNC has focused more on raising money than supporting elections and candidates.

Previously, New York Congressman Lee Zeldin said he was considering a challenge, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced his full intent to challenge McDaniel for the role and responsibility.   Into this dynamic now steps Harmeet Dhillon. more

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  1. Given the grip the RINO RNC members have on the organization. . .

    I wish Harmeet all the best! She’d be wonderful!

  2. No. we need someone with the disposition of a tasmanian devil to go in and clean house. Insider pus*ies need not apply!!!

    I am conservative, never voted for the leftist GWB; clearly biased, not neutral.

    Rona is a “Bush Republican” just like Mike Steel! If you are a Dem you like “Bush Republicans” Charing RNC. Mike and Ronna put many Dems in office. 2 names you all should know – Joe (she) and BHO (he)! There are many others such as Nancy (both he and she)

    Proving for the umpteenth time
    El Rusbo was right 22 years ago!

  4. @Brad
    If she doesn’t walk into her first RNC meeting with a shotgun in one hand and a grenade in the other, I’m not impressed.

  5. She’s a regular commentator on Fox. For that reason, I don’t trust her. My instincts tell me that her loyalties are more to her career than her country. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my gut.

    I agree with OldCoot – we need a tasmanian devil. From what little I know about Lee Zeldin, he seems to fit that description more than Dhillon.

  6. “Deep state Dillon is a anti Maga snake.”

    Everything else she’s been involved in was on the offensive for MAGA. We’ve all praised her here for her work.
    I’d like to know what you’ve read to make you come to that conclusion. Because to be honest with you, after reading Lake’s IG and Twitter posts, she was oblivious to what was going on. I think Lake was her own worst enemy.

  7. Brad, I’m surprised. I thought Kari Lake was the best campaigner we have had since Trump. Maybe, like Trump she didn’t prepare for how deep and entrenched the TRAITOROUS BASTARDS really are.

  8. joe6pak

    ” We are monitoring the situation at the polls”.

    No your fucking being cheated. When it takes two weeks to count the votes it’s because they’re out gathering more votes.
    Good campaigner? You bet. Did she assume this wouldn’t happen because harvesting is illegal in AZ? I dunno. But I think it’s fair to say she got caught blind sided. Campaigning is no longer enough.

  9. I’m hoping she wins just because a Harmeet Chair sounds exotic.

    I recently purchased a two thousand dollar Harmeet Chair on Amazon…

  10. Joe6

    About 10 days into the count Dhillon stops posting, and suddenly Lake has an entire army of Attorneys. That decide to sue. Over dominion. A dead loser. That’s an auto toss. been tried before. So where did all these legal minds suddenly come from? The GOP? Why wouldn’t they sue over vote harvesting? They had many poll workers describing exactly that.
    If someone has viable info that Dhillon was at fault here they should share it.
    You can use that thread reader app to pull up Lakes Twitter feed and read the history. She had no clue.

  11. I keep saying that 2024 will require republican’s harvesting, cheating, stealing, lying, manipulating, coercing, prevaricating, extorting, pipe bursting, Jim Crowing, ballot manipulating, torching, murdering, hijacking, raping, and smothering.

    And that’s just to make it any remote semblance of an even playing field.

  12. No they don’t print them per say. They take a stack into a homeless encampment and trade votes for a bottle of Ripple. They got to “Retirement Homes” and talk old people into checking the right box. It’s a ground game and has nothing to do with policy.
    That’s about 25% OF IT.

  13. If they keep Ronna after enduring 2+ years of the “rona” then the republicans aren’t serious, are content at being second fiddle losers and might as well fold up their tent.
    The Party is over!


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