Report: Hollywood Studios Brace to Lose Billions in Asia over Coronavirus

Breitbart: Hollywood studios are reportedly bracing to lose billion of dollars in ticket sales in Asia and other countries due to fears surrounding the coronavirus as major blockbusters including MulanNo Time to Die, and F9 (Fast & Furious 9) are set to roll out around the world.

Variety reported that major studios are preparing for a dip in moviegoing in China, South Korea, Japan, and other countries hit by the coronavirus. But these fears appear so far to be based on speculation since the trade publication cited anonymous “studio executives” who said they are taking “a wait-and-see” approach as the number of hotspots expands.

Those executives said the spread of coronavirus could possibly result in billions of dollars in lost box-office revenue. Most studios are assembling advisory teams to assess the potential impact of the disease, according to the report.

China ranks as the second largest movie market in the world and remains a vital market for Hollywood blockbusters. read more

17 Comments on Report: Hollywood Studios Brace to Lose Billions in Asia over Coronavirus

  1. There is a silver ling to the coronavirus.

    Hellywood will become less and less influential and in 5 years they will be inconsequential. I think Amazon, netflix and others are flipping hellywood on its ass with its perverts and hypocrits, politically correct wokeness, condescending attitude. People are seeing though it.

  2. So what they need to do is raise ticket prices to make up the difference. Democrats do this all the time with taxes and never figure out why they lose even more money.

  3. See whut happens when they put Weinstein is in prison? People all over Hollywood are now lost and confused wandering around asking “Who’s dick do I have to suck for a job around here?”

  4. By every metric in the last 10 years (minimum) Hollywood has produced worse and worse movies.

    The RED CARPET is dyed with the Blood that filth that Weinstein, Oprah, Goldberg, Streep, etc. Everyone Knew!

    The academy award winners are pathetic people.

    The only movies I wanted to see were Joker (7 to 8 Out of 10) maybe.

    I WANT to see JEWEL by Clint Eastwood; Horrific the way JEWEL was horrifically attacked by the FBI.

    What else is there?

    No doubt the virus will effect them, but it is just an opportunity for the pigs to write off debt from very poorly performing productions and blame something other than the fact that they re-hash the same old shit worse and worse than original.

  5. Wouldn’t bother me if they never made another movie. It’s mostly trash anyway, sequels and remakes. And the idea these people have that they are superior to everyone else disgusts me.

  6. Hollywood is crying, the stock market is adjusting just as it should. Time to clean out the junk stocks and a great time to buy. And Trump wanted to bring jobs back and his magic wand will start building and buying all American made products.
    As bad as the C virus could be, it will leave America stronger in the end.

  7. This is good, all those liberal global warming movie stars will no longer be able to afford to fly their private jets and sail their yachts to Davos to complain about us commoners destroying the planet. They can become farmers just dig a hole and put a seed in it.

  8. The way things are going it’s pretty much all CG anyway. Doesn’t seem like they will .really need any overpaid puppets and actors just better story lines.

  9. Could be that the best stories have been told, many times over. Both TV and the movie industry are scraping the bottom of the barrel for something, anything, however trite, however perverted, however stultifying.

    Most of their audience now are fat, tatted up floozies, drugged up stupidos, and sick pervos looking for a couple of hours of escape from their crummy rotten lives, or young people too callow to know they are being fed mind garbage.

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