Report: Kurdish militia trained Antifa fighters in Northern Syria

h/t Canada Free Press.

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  1. The Kurds are not angels. In every territory they have come to dominate, they persecute and confiscate property from minority residents, the same residents that had been persecuted by Isis and the other Syrian rebel forces. (What is now referred to as the Kurdish region of Turkey was Armenia 100 years ago.)

    That area is so complex. You are guaranteed to back the “wrong” side, no matter who you back.

    The Assads were and are butchers, but they had kept modern Syria relatively peaceful for decades — until Obama. If you want stability there, back the strong man. Weak leadership invites chaos. People will suffer and die in either scenario, but the suffering and death are far higher, usually orders of magnitude higher, with chaos. We in the US like to see our foreign policy and military involvement in terms of good versus bad. It is never that easy. If you can’t make the hard decisions and stand by them you had best walk away.

    Until the US withdraws from the air base at Incirlik, its main strategic asset in the region, The Turkish government has us by the short hairs. I don’t think that would happen unless there was a general withdrawal from NATO and the region. If Trump is re-elected, that possibility improves, especially considering the open belligerency of the EU toward the US (Trump or no Trump, the Germans will have their Fourth Reich).

  2. Antifa? You mean the pencil necks that get the shit kicked out of themselves by real employed citizens?

    I give up. Don’t care. Can’t get interested anymore.

    My focus is 100% on getting Turdo out of office in Canada.

    I will trust that DJT has a handle on it. He seems to be the only person that does not want American blood in the sand and neither do I.

  3. Antifa in Europe is much more violent than what we have experienced, so far, in the US. Frankly, if police and prosecutors in the US actually enforced public safety, Antifa here would be nothing more than a bunch of emo’s at the local campus playing hacky sack while spouting marxist drivel and congratulating themselves on their self-importance — just like their professors.

  4. Return responsibility for the region to the region.
    Back Israel and let the chips fall where they may
    The Kurdish alliance was not a patronage
    ISIS is done
    So is our alliance.
    Turkey will oversee the area better than Assad

  5. ACParker, “The Assads were and are butchers,” unproven, but claimed by lying media and lying US government officials. Propaganda is always lies!

    Their Plan Becomes Clear: US Bombs Pro-Government Forces In Syria Yet Again
    Caitlin Johnstone
    Jun 6, 2017 ·
    “And this isn’t even America’s only path to regime change invasion in Syria; French president Emmanuel Macron has already warned Russian president Vladimir Putin that there will be military retaliation from NATO against the Syrian government the next time it is believed that Assad has used chemical weapons. This means that NATO forces are already one false flag gas attack away from a full-scale military assault on Syria, which will likely wind up being against Russia and its allies as well. Al-Qaeda is believed to have been making Sarin in Syria since 2013, and there is much reason to believe that not only was April’s sarin gas attack perpetrated by Al-Qaeda, but the one in 2013 was as well. We could very well be a few clever terrorists and a container of sarin away from World War 3.”

  6. tRuth, There is no question of the barbarity of the Assad family. Hafez al-Assad is best known for cutting-off and razing the city of Hama in 1982, killing as many as 20,000, to put down a bloody rebellion by the Muslim Brotherhood among the Sunni population. His son Bashar is following the same policy, though perhaps he pulled his punches early on and regretted it. His atrocities during the current civil war are many and fairly well documented, as are the atrocities of all participants in this agonizingly prolonged circular firing squad.

    Macron’s red line will have as much influence as Obama’s. No one is impressed with what the new Jupiter has to say.

    Europe’s and America’s (Obama’s) interference into Syrian internal affairs created this mess. Erdogan was surely complicit in the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq, as a ploy to displace Kurds in those countries and expand Turkey’s boundaries. He has used Turkey’s membership in NATO and weaponized refugees to neutralize both the EU and the US.

    Syria is the most strategic country in the region. Putin is very aware of that. He cannot afford a resurgent Ottoman Empire, or an uninterrupted land link between Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. Neither can Egypt, the Saudis, the Gulf States or Israel.

    A Kurdish homeland may be just the thing to stabilize the region, at least a little more stable than it is now. The Bush administration seemed to understand that. Obama’s did too, which is why they pulled the rug out from under them.

    Erdogan may have bitten off more than he can chew. The next few days and weeks will tell.


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