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Report: Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends McCarthy’s Handling of FTX Dark Money

Greene doubled down on her support for House Minority Leader McCarthy (R-CA-23) in an op-ed published on Wednesday.

National File:

In a recent appearance on The Jenna Ellis Show, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA-14) defended Kevin McCarthy’s receipt of dark money from the company, FTX, whose founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, was arrested on December 12th in the Bahamas after the Southern District of New York (SDNY) filed an eight-count indictment against him.

“As then as far as going for his donations. Of course I can’t speak to his donations because they’re not mine and I didn’t receive them. But what I do understand about the FTX donation is it wasn’t that Sam Brinkman-Fried, Freed, whatever his name is. The one that everyone, that looks like he should be going to jail. It appears to be on the FEC statement that I saw, is [that] it was another employee of FTX. And I don’t know anything about that person. So I think people, when they’re looking into that story need, need to recognize that it wasn’t the Sam Bankman-Fried. It was another employee of that company.”

The lion’s share of the donations to the Republicans backed by FTX were from executive, Ryan Salame.

Salame was described as a major donor both to McCarthy’s own operation and to other groups backing McCarthy’s favored candidates.”

Twitter denizen, Charles Willis, opined on the race for the next Speaker of the House. “If McCarthy wins nothing will happen to the RINOs who helped the democrats corrupting of congress and the breaking of laws,” Willis said.

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  1. Just gonna say this . . .

    They got Bankman and some of the crew.
    I look back at what was going on the the krypto world back then
    I remember lots of Charity Ads running.

    FOX News. msNBC. CNN a little bit too but they had their own Advertisements.

    Anyway, I got something to add.

    If any of those Phone Numbers and Account Numbers start showing up on the Official Court Records under Oaths now underway in multiple places. Those Numbers Now and who Played the Numbers Then?

    I wonder which of Bankmans Crew mates answered the TelePhone and Apps Banks back on those days. Wonder if there is a record of that?

    This is getting Good

  2. CTH had an article about why Trump also supports McCarthy, and it the gist of it was to prevent a Paul Ryan type from getting in but jeez who is the bigger RINO, McCarthy or Ryan?? That race would be a photo-finish.

  3. It speaks volumes that McCarthy is gonna be Speaker. Too many pictures of him glad handing Pelosi & McConnell. It’s one big incestuous parade and we’re not even allowed on the route.

    It’s not a government, it’s a criminal cartel. They have zero regard for 95% of this country. When the Wehrmacht level of Oversight, we’re not much more than bugs.

  4. Lots of over reaction here. Believe me I’m not thrilled about her actions. But she’s been pretty rock solid in the past. Especially in regards to 2A issues. Let’s let this peculate for a coupe weeks. Just sayen.

  5. McCarthy has another Bitch, it appears.
    That makes a super majority of Rino Representatives to secure his speakership.
    Between McCarthy and McCONnell we will see more appeasement and establishment corruption for at least two more years.

  6. They all become corrupted in D.C. that’s why I believe every single one of them should have someone challenge them in the primary every election cycle and they should be voted out. Haha, never happen because they’re all in on the selection. In a just country with fair elections though that’s how it should happen.

    I remember back when Rubio was going to be one of the good guys. Closer to home, Markwayne Mullin just a local plumber going to D.C. for three terms and then coming back home to his life. Cotton in Arkansas. Just a very small sample of all of them who became corrupt.

    Even on our state level there is only one man that I can say did what he said and continued doing what he said and even now when he has just a few years before being term limited is still doing what he said. Too damn bad he didn’t win the U.S. Senate nomination, because he’s one of the few I had hopes would remain true to his beliefs, although he very well could have fallen to the dark side as well. They do something to them when they get there.

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