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Report – OSHA Sends Worker Vaccine Mandate Rule to White House for Review

CTH: Several news outlets (Bloomberg below) are noting the Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), has submitted the worker vaccine rule to the White House for review prior to publishing as an ’emergency temporary standard’.

While this may be seen as disappointing by many, the moment the rule hits the federal register, it will be subject to lawsuits before implementation.  Until the DoL/OSHA rule hits the books, the mandate is nothing except a statement of intent.

Once the emergency rule is put into the register, then various state attorneys general and private sector employers or employees will be able to seek injunctions and challenge the legality. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated yesterday his legal team is awaiting the rule to be published to trigger his state’s legal challenge. more

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  1. Interesting timing just as Abbott has done his vax EO preventing mandates and the airlines are struggling and concealing they have a major sick out due to the vax mandate. Bring it on, these next few months when all the mandate deadlines hit should be interesting.

  2. The last two OSHA idiots I was exposed to couldn’t speak English. They were Ruskies. We were told we had to install a dust collection unit in our grinding room. A year later they came in and tried to fine us because we had an unapproved dust collection unit installed. Well when they originally demanded we spend 30K I had them sign off and approve the unit we purchased and the contractor that installed. Fuckers. And they’ll just walk into the back of your business too. What a useless pain in the ass.

  3. I will remind everyone that OSHA is a creation of FDR’s Department of Labor, which is part of the Executive branch. Meaning it’s an arm of Joe Biden’s pResidency*

    It’s another shakedown/take down of political enemies.

    Of course none of this will play out until hungry and desperate Americans do what all hungry and desperate citizens do in a totalitarian dictatorship.

    It’s bleak and unpleasant but is being forced upon us.

    Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

  4. I recall an OSHA story from my law class from business school.
    The teacher, an attorney, told us of an OSHA inspector walking through a plant. Someone opened a door and nearly hit him in the face. He wrote it up as a required fix, to make the door open in instead of out.
    Some months later a different OSHA inspector was at the same plant. He happened to be on the other side of the same door, which someone opened and nearly hit him in the face. So he wrote it up – make the door open the other way.
    Which was right? What should the plant manager do? The answer was – do whatever the most recent inspector says you have to do.

  5. “Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.”

    It’ll be the worst. This is akin to giving Charlie Manson a license to kill. And believe me they will kill every business they can. They are a predatory organization.

  6. OSHA, like many government agencies, has too much time on their hands and is busy trying to prove their worth, which is next to nothing.

    It’s like jumping into a pool of sharks; if one doesn’t bite you the other one will.

    Like most alphabet agencies they have out worn their usefulness.

  7. OSHA people, I can throw a hay fork like a javelin a long fricken way. And it’ll stick in the side of the barn and be hard to get out. Don’t stand in the way unless you want to be pinned and turned red with your own meat juice.


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