Reporter Gets Obama to Admit that the “Broken Judicial Nomination Process” is His Own Damn Fault

obama stoned

From Redstate:
And lastly, as long as we’re doing this in a row, how do you respond to Republican criticism that you and other Democrats in your administration who were in the Senate at the time tried to filibuster Judge Alito in 2006?

Obama: [embarrassingly long period of silence and stammering] You know, look. I think what’s fair to say is that how judicial nominations have evolved over time, uh…. is not… historically the fault of any single party. This has become just one more extension of politics. And, there are times when folks are in the Senate and they’re thinking, as I just described, primarily about, is this going to cause me problems in a primary? Is this going to cause me problems with supporters of mine? And so people take strategic decisions. I understand that. Um, but, what is also true is Justice Alito’s on the bench right now.

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15 Comments on Reporter Gets Obama to Admit that the “Broken Judicial Nomination Process” is His Own Damn Fault

  1. Fuck him, his party introduced the nuclear war method of interviewing with the Robert Bork nomination. Ever hear the word, Borked, as to obstruct someone, especially a candidate for public office through systematic defamation or vilification. They tried it on Clarence Thomas too with the OMG! a pubic hair on my Coke can.

    Then last time the dems controlled the Senate fucking Harry Reid just said fuckit to the standing Senate rule and confirmed lots and lots of new judicial activists with just a simple majority. The damage done is generational.

    So fuck him again-McConnell better hold.

  2. A line from the movie Spinal Tap comes to mind (reworded to fit)
    “On what day did God create Barak Obama, and couldn’t he have rested on that day too?”

  3. The Dems have been disgraceful in their confirmations and have no room to argue about Republicans saying they will not confirm or even have hearings. (unfortunately I think they roll over on the hearing issue)

    They killed the Bork nomination, tried their hardest to destroy Thomas. Would’ve done the same to Alito if not for the pressure from the WH and Congress.

    I don’t know how many nominations to lesser courts they held or never even voted on that GW Bush nominated.

  4. It will be interesting and sad to see how the GOPe caves into giving a hardcore leftist a seat on SCOTUS. But we all know they will.

  5. The bastard eRepublicans screw this up they may as well shut down the Republican Party for good and for all time. It will cause such an exodus in what is left of their base that the Party will be effectively shut down.

  6. Anybody but me think that the establishment Repubs are actually demonrat leftists who have infiltrated the party? I mean, come on. Can anyone be THIS weak and stupid, or are they just playing for the other team?

  7. Tired Mom, I’ve started coming to this realization during the Obama terms. Especially after taking over both houses and they still give it all to Obama.

    This is why the internal struggle of the Republican party that is going on for several years must continue. We true conservatives need to do our diligence and primary these back stabbers and get them out of there.

  8. Tired Mom, the video is out today of idiot boy Jeb! , (The one we were always told is the really bright son) raising his hand at a rally when Lindsey Fag asked if there were any democ-rats in the room to please raise their hand.

    How is an imbecile, and yes, a closet who’re demo rat.

  9. you know there are a million reasons that I cannot wait for this usurper to leave the people’s house, but among them is the over use of the word “folks” I am soooooooooo sick of hearing that word from him and every time he uses it, he is signaling that he is about to tell another lie!!

  10. Republicans should filibuster to their hearts’ content. I’ve read elsewhere that Loretta Lynch and Mooch are both on the short list of candidates.

  11. And can somebody beat Grassley into silence? Maybe set an example for the other mouthy RINO squishes in the Senate? STFU already.


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