Republican Primary Winners in Pennsylvania

Lou Barletta Wins PA GOP Primary for Senate.

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) defeated State Rep. Jim Christiana (R-PA) to win the Pennsylvania Republican primary on Tuesday night, allowing him to face off against the incumbent Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) in the general election.

President Donald Trump recorded a robocall for Rep. Barletta during the state’s Republican primary, urging voters to back the former Hazelton mayor.

Congressman Barletta explained to Breitbart News in the exclusive statement on Monday that President Trump understands that electing Rep. Barletta to the U.S. Senate will help the president implement his America First agenda.


Scott Wagner Wins the Pennsylvania GOP Governor Primary.

State Sen. Scott Wagner beat businessman Paul Mango in the Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial primary on Tuesday night.

Pennsylvania State. Sen Wagner defeated Mango and Laura Ellsworth on Tuesday night, setting the stage for Wagner to challenge incumbent Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf in the general election.

A March poll from the American Principles Project found that Wagner led in the race against Mango.

Last year, Wagner said, “Wagner is brash — “I am going to be the next governor, take that to the bank.”


8 Comments on Republican Primary Winners in Pennsylvania

  1. This morning NPR was gleefully reporting how redistricting made PA more Dem-friendly. Let’s hope the voters in Penn’s Woods keep their eyes on the prize and reject the Dem progressives.

  2. With blacks more approving of Trump these days, NPR may do as much crying this November as they did 2 years ago.

  3. It’s got to be all hands on deck for this election or the brakes are slammed on the Trump agenda. We can’t afford to loose. We won’t get to see the prosecution of these scumbags we’ve been drooling to see.

  4. I will be working diligently for both. I think Senator Casey, despite the name recognition, is very beatable. Barletta just needs to keep the message on the Trump agenda. It is a winner.

  5. Someone needs to put Bob Casey on the side of a milk carton. No one has seen him in 18 years…

  6. Bob Casey is a slimy person who makes my skin crawl and hair raise on my neck when I hear him speak.

    His condescending manner and lack of eye contact bespeaks his “landed gentry mannner.” He is of the ruling class and we must not forget it = yet he has no presence, gives no speeches, and kisses no baby.

    I think he got 10% in my voting precinct last time.

    If it weren’t for the 110/100% voting preceints in Philly/Pittsburgh the man would be serving on some corporate board somewhere gathering splinters.

    He must be defeated.


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