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Republicans That Negotiated With McCarthy Make History

In a good way.
I hope.

Republicans That Negotiated With McCarthy Make History.
Emerald Robinsons discusses this topic, and more.

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  1. The media acts like reducing the leeway for the Speaker to set the agenda is just horrible. They are wrong. The Rules negotiated in last week are awesome. There are few groups of people as out of touch as are the media and Democrats.

  2. I was watching someone on Rumble today, sorry I can’t remember his name, but he’s some sort of conservative reporter who was on the floor all week while this was going on. He wouldn’t say who said it, but said two of the final 6 holdouts were not happy with Trump, because right before or right after the 5th vote, I was a little confused which, he was calling them and telling them to knock it off and vote for McCarthy they could worry about all the rules once he was speaker.
    He was praising all of them though including the original 20, because he said they were getting all kinds of pressure, not only from the other Reps, but President Trump as well and all had the courage to even tell him no.

    My best guess is that Boebert was one of them as she did go to the floor and tell President Trump instead of telling them to knock it off, he should tell McCarthy to withdraw.

    The 20 had gotten almost all of what they were bargaining for, two things they had not gotten according to this guy was the one member to bring the vote to remove speaker, the Holden rule and part of the 72 hour rule, McCarthy goons(my words not his) were wanting to exclude the DOD funding from 72 hour rule. The 6 accomplished getting these last things.

    From all the stories he was telling how they were all threatened with no committees, no campaign funding, being told their political careers were over, etc. on top of Trump calling and messaging them I have even more respect for them than I did. I was ticked at first when they all gave in because I did not want McCarthy, I still don’t and I still don’t trust him and still have my doubts that he will really let them go where they need to go in investigations, especially when it comes to Sequoia Capital, but with all they had hanging over their heads, most politicians wouldn’t have gone as far as they did. Probably the first time I’ve seen Republicans fight for anything so hard.


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