Residents Lash Out After City Appoints Illegal Aliens Commissioners

(CBS News) – Huntington Park is making history and not everyone is happy about it.

Councilman Jhonny Pineda announced at Monday night’s city council meeting the appointment of two undocumented immigrants as commissioners, CBS2/KCAL9’s Kara Finnstrom reports.

“You are out of order!” one woman in the crowd yelled at the councilmembers during the meeting.


15 Comments on Residents Lash Out After City Appoints Illegal Aliens Commissioners

  1. “Historic”. What’s so historic about having chronic law-breakers on a city council? i think Chicago has taken that honor generations ago.

  2. If Ted Cruz were sitting in the White House right now, he’d have an ICE squad dispatched to that town to deport the illegals, and ARREST the city council members.

  3. The Supreme Court Justices are already working on their declaration that it is indeed constitutional (It’s got to be in there somewhere) and that the American tax-payers must fund their salaries, office space, lunches, perks, families members still in Mexico, medical care and siestas (plus voter ID laws are invalid)!
    And take down that American Flag we don’t want then to feel unappreciated! “Press 1 for Spanish”!

  4. Nothing says true appreciation for America like shitting on hundreds of millions of Citizen-Americans who made it the greatest country in the world.

  5. The Demscums say we can’t deport 11 million people. I don’t want them to deport 11 million people, I want them to deport all 30 million that are here. Deport all muzzies while you’re at it.

  6. I agree, it is entirely possible to get rid of the (50 million) criminal invaders. Give them 90 days to do the reverse doggie paddle across the Rio Bravo or be sentenced to one year of hard labor
    (building a fence) and deportation on their release! Plus, we should be billing the offending countries a collective 500 billion dollars for the out of pocket expenses we spent on their citizens! Locking up a few, or many, of their Employers wouldn’t hurt either!

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