Ric Grenell Says Leakers Are About to Be Exposed

Dan Bongino:
On Sunday, DNI John Ratcliffe said on Fox News Sunday that he was coordinating with U.S. Attorney John Durham’s review of the investigation into the non-existent links between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign. He said that he’d be declassifying additional documents soon: “I pledged to a bipartisan group of senators that I would look at all of the underlying intelligence surrounding the intelligence community’s assessment of Russia’s interference and this idea of Trump-Russia collusion,” Ratcliffe told “Sunday Morning Futures.” “But I’m not going to prejudice John Durham’s work in connection with that, so we’ve had to coordinate with his office about the timing of that. But I’m optimistic that I’ll be declassifying additional documents soon.”

During an appearance on Newsmax TV Monday, former Acting DNI Ric Grenell gave a preview of what to expect. According to Grenell, Ratcliffe’s congressional intelligence briefings will expose leakers and end how the leaking of cherry picked intel has been weaponized.

Grenell told host John Bachman: “We have a problem in Washington: They like to take the information that they get and spoon feed it to the public in nefarious ways publicly. But, when they’re under oath, they say completely the opposite. By putting it in writing, it’s going to be very difficult to pick and choose, cherry pick to reporters, the information.”

Of Adam Schiff, Grenell said “He is doing what he always does, which is leak one-sided information that creates just a false narrative,” saying Schiff is “focusing on a problem while ignoring the crisis” for political purposes. “We all know this and Adam Schiff can’t say it,” Grenell continued about the “crisis” with China vs. the mere social media propaganda from Russia. “He has to gloss over it, because it’s not good for Biden or the Democrats when the Communist Party of China outright wants them to win.”


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  1. So what!#@!$?%&#@!

    L. Lerner broke many laws! Everyone literate knows it!
    Which jail is she in?

    Deep State has been protecting Deep State since 1990! And to my disgust; Deep State has been very successful.

  2. Yaaawwwwn! Did he say that some day somebody was going to be exposed for leaking something? And then what? chirp, chirp. I thought so.

  3. Ditto to what everyone else has said. We have heard this for years. The left are the only ones willing to publish the offenders. The right just say they will at some time in the future.

  4. I guess they get an “Oh Shit” in their permanent record. And then they don’t have to buy their own drinks for a month.

  5. I can’t think of a single thing Ric Grenell hasn’t predicted that didn’t come true. It’s almost October. DJT and company better have a plan. Otherwise they will lose do to fraud. Arresting every Libtard in DC in October sounds like a good plan to me.

  6. yeah yeah tic toc tic tock the clock has been ticking for 4 years and…………….. nothing, been hearing that from from Sean Hannity for seems like forever

  7. We have a couple of choices…. sit here at our ‘puters and take it like men or take it upon ourselves to administer justice via the hemp. I am sure there are others but those are the two I came up with.


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