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Robert Loggia Dies At 85

robert loggia

(Reuters) – Robert Loggia, the gravelly voiced character actor who danced with Tom Hanks on a giant floor keyboard in “Big,” fought aliens in “Independence Day” and trafficked in drugs in “Scarface,” died on Friday at age 85, his widow said. More

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  1. It said he spent the last 5 years in an Alzheimer’s fog-Lord, please give me the where with all to jump off a high building in a moment lucidity if I get that shit.

    God Speed dude, he was a cool actor.

  2. One of my favorites….He was in a long line of character actors that could steal the whole movie…Richard Farnsworth, Strother Martin, Wilfred Brimley, Woody Strode……and on and on….

  3. He was in everything on TV when I was a kid. Never sought him out, but when he appeared in something I was watching it was a welcome surprise.

  4. General William Gray in Independence Day. Loved the tough old coot when he yelled at Mr. Nimziki for not telling them about Area 51 in time to prevent the slaughter of their troops.

    RIP Mr. Loggia.

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