Robinson: Why Does Disney Hire So Many Pedophiles?

Emerald Robinson: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent the LBGT community and the woke corporations into a frenzy when he championed (and signed into law) an anti-groomer bill that prevents school teachers from grooming 5 year old children about deviant sex practices.

The Disney Company believes that grooming your kids is the hill that it wants to die on — which should tell you everything you need to know about the people running Disney these days. No sane corporation would put out a statement such as this one unless it wanted to be recognized as a pro-pedophile organization. more

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  1. Wasn’t it John Dillinger who was asked why he robbed banks, and he replied “that’s where the money is”??? So why do pedophiles want to work at Disney? ‘Cause that’s where the kids are.

  2. I was with ABC for 12 years… the final years of Capital Cities, and the first years of Disney. Wikishits said that happened in 1996 that Disney bought ABC. I’m not sure how that works because I was definitely hired by Capital Cities in 2006. Disney had nothing to do with our daily shit in 2006. I was hired as an SCE, and did that job for almost 2 years before I was re-branded under Disney as a “Specialist”. Disney had no such job name as SCE…

    Anyway, long story short, whilst CCs had hired a few degenerates, said degenerates were good at what they did. The Unions (being off the reservation) had hired shitbag degenerates who were retarded.

    Now Disney walks in. It became a degenerate shitbag fest.

    I’m sure it still is. All the people who knew the electronics and the ins and outs of broadcast, cameras, routing, IT… had died off or simply looked at their wristwatches. Same thing happened at Verizon. The writing was on the wall both times, forgive the cliche.

  3. You said it. Once in leading positions they infest the whole organization through preferential hiring and promotion. The + in lgbtqia+ is pedophile.

  4. A coworker’s daughter went to work at Disneyland in the late 80s. The place was infested with homosexuals back then.

  5. It’s the faggotry. Faggotry and child sex abuse go hand in hand. Disney is full of faggots. Scratch a faggot, find a pedophile.

  6. Same reason Pot Heads want to work in Weed Stores.
    (legal up here and most legal stores are all loosing money)

  7. It’s the attachment to childhood that appeals to alphabet people. Disney is the perfect ‘fantasy’ world for emotionally displaced people who most likely had a messed up childhood. Gays are big spenders and no doubt Disney Inc has data to back that up. The gay can have Disney. Put a wall around that place and make it a penal colony for all I care.

  8. Erik, Thanks for your reply and correcting my mistake (SEC). Can really appreciate your expertise since I was at one time a Switchboard operator (pushbutton, not plugs) and receptionist.
    Disney has become way too big for its’ breeches – ABC, ESPN, etc. Was watching Wheel of Fortune a few days ago and one of the prizes offered was a Disney Cruise to Disney’s own private island
    . Have family in Florida and they certainly lean left , call Disney World The Happiest Place on Earth and we never discuss politics, ever


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