Rose McGowan Calls On America to Rise Up and Reject the ‘Evil’ Democrat ‘Cult’

Neon Nettle: Activist Rose McGowan has called on America to rise up and “put a stake in the heart of evil” by rejecting Democrats and their “cult” that feeds the corrupt elite.

Declaring during a Sunday press conference that she is no longer a “Hollywood Democrat,” McGowan likened the Democratic Party to “gangrene on the leg” of America before urging citizens to stop “electing that” and “run free.”

“Why not change?” McGowan asked during the joint presser with Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder.

“Why not put a stake in the heart of evil?

“Because that’s what this really is,” the actress added, “this is good, and this is evil.”

She then described Democrats as “cult leaders” before adding, “I would know, I grew up in one.” more

13 Comments on Rose McGowan Calls On America to Rise Up and Reject the ‘Evil’ Democrat ‘Cult’

  1. The cult is believing that either the right or left gives two phucks about you or your family. Because they don’t. i’m not saying there’s not compassionate individuals on either side. But the machine that is our government profits off your life and profits from your death. Either way, they win, you lose.

    I want to be free.

  2. She’s got 800K faithful followers on IG. I’m not sure about the rest of Social Media. But I bet more than half live in Cali. She will make an impact. Will it be enough. Probably not. The Fraud will be off the hook with nobody investigating.

  3. Too little, too late. There was a time I would have welcomed her to the flock, yet that time is long gone. She proudly yapped about how no one should be grabbed by the p***y, further conflating her personal issues with what Trump clearly stated was consensual, both callously as well as obviously and in private confidence. She ain’t one of us and our tent ain’t big enough for her ego. Pluck her right in the ear, Stan!

  4. McGowan likened the Democratic Party to “gangrene on the leg”. That’s an interesting (and true) comment given that one of her roles was a woman with one leg. Instead of the other leg, she had an assault rifle installed at the hip, with which she used to kill the bad guys, or maybe the good guys. I don’t know for sure because I never saw the movie.

  5. Trump should have known better than to say you can grab a pussy. A pussy is a hole, a negative entity. It is not possible to grab a hole. If it was possible, I would have done it.

    Trump is a great president and a lousy philosopher.

  6. @ Mr. Hector Murmansk,esq SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 AT 6:45 PM

    “It is not possible to grab a hole.”

    Ever been bowling?


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