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Roseburg Mass Shooting: The Answer is More Guns!

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Conservative Papers: A gun-free zone is insanity personified! Only a deranged fool would suggest such a policy in our brutal, bloody, and barbaric society. Shooters may be vicious killers but they are not stupid. Since they want public attention they try to get more bang for their buck as they “make their statement” during a shooting. It is only logical that they will shoot up areas where there are no guns! Is that difficult for liberals to understand? Why make it easier for killers to kill?

I believe that school shootings, such as this week’s slaughter at an Oregon college, would disappear if everyone knew that each school had a few people who were armed and considered dangerous (to the bad guys), and willing to defend the defenseless. The answer to mass shootings is more guns in the hands of good people.

Guns are not the problem. People are. There are evil people among us. Pathetic pundits pontificate profusely proposing that vicious killers have to be sick–and some may be; however, most of them are simply evil. They do evil things because they are evil people.  more

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  1. “First of all, friend, there’s no one up there shooting back at you.” ~ The Shootist (John Wayne)

    Appropriate for a shootin’ ducks in a barrel zone. I mean, a gun free zone.


  2. Just had a LONG debate with a friend on FB who posted that we should do something about guns.
    Long story short, during our “debate” (with Lib friends trying to pile on) he deleted his stupid thread and IMed me – “let’s just talk about music.”
    Shut down the stupidity with logic.

  3. That column made several excellent points on the current situation in general.

    On a related note, I found a link in the comments section of another site today that claims that the coward that shot up the college yesterday was on a terrorist watch list from Russia and that he had tried unsuccessfully to fly to Syria in early September (but the Obama regime refused the information from the Russians). I don’t know if the information at the link below is valid or not, but I have noticed that this story has seemed to die down much more quickly in much of the media compared to the coverage of recent mass shootings.

  4. From what I hear finally starting to leak out about this asshole on local media here in the Greater Portlandia area, this guy sounds like a near copycat of the Sandy Hook shooter, only he decided to hit the local community college instead of a kindergarten class.

    We have heard precious little about his mother, whom he shared an apartment with, but it sounds like she is probably lucky he didn’t blow her brains all over her pillow before he headed out for the hit.

    This is another sick fuck that the local liberal population has been coaxed into believing they have to tolerate in their midst instead of locking them up in a cage where they belong. He could have just as easily gone apeshit a set of good short swords, made less noise than gunshots and inflicted a whole bunch more fatalities than he did. This guy is little different than the asshole in Colorado that killed and wounded people during a goddam Batman movie.

    These things do not happen in a vacuum. People around these animals have been conditioned to tolerate them and are given no other option than calling 911, which often elicits a violent response from the perp. Than God the police were on scene as quickly as they were. Someone declared “Active Shooter” on the emergency radio immediately, and the First Responders down there walked straight into hell. I pity the Police and Firemen who had to respond to that horror.

    Cain slew Abel with a rock. The evil was not in Cain’s rock, but in Cain’s heart. We have got to get back to dealing with the obvious evil among us because it is killing our kids in front of us. the problem is not the guns, the problem is the evil assholes we are forced to allow to live among us and our children.

  5. Isn’t that lovely? The Russians say they tried to warn the Obama Administration about this asshole and were refused.

    So who do we believe?? The Obama Administration or Vlad Putin’s Russian Federation??

    Some choice, huh??

  6. It is a real shame that this story is actually believable considering Obama’s hubris along with the way the Russia / Syria story has gone the last few days. Hopefully someone will be able to research it further to determine if it’s true. I remember when you could take anything Russia said with a grain of salt because you knew they were always spouting propaganda, but these days we know that the current US regime is as dishonest as the old soviets ever thought about being.

  7. A Second Ammendment Free Zone. An armed society is a polite society. Like it or not, for better or worse, America was built on a gun culture. If that’s to much for you to take get the fuck out because you’ll never change it.

  8. One more thing, I’d like to buy a couple rounds for the cops that Sliced The Pie and shot this asshole in the face. Well done gentlemen.

  9. They don’t have this problem in one of the most heavily armed places on earth: Israel, where teachers pack heat. However, this comes at a price. The teachers are not politically correct. Dang.

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