Rosenstein’s Body Language

Rosenstein takes questions on Whitaker and Mueller. Watch his reactions.

6 Comments on Rosenstein’s Body Language

  1. Very suspect; a rattlesnake speaking highly of someone. I think the commie deep state is embedded in the entire DOJ/FBI and they scared Sessions into the rabbit hole of recusal. The Clinton/Obama commie mafia is ‘untouchable’.

    Look at the election, which is still going on without FEDs stepping in! Had the GOP tried even a little of what the left is pulling across America, there would be martial law declared, under Clinton or obamination.

  2. The insecure, fearful Chihuahua is gone and hopefully Whitaker will be a guard dog and protector of the law and constitution.

  3. @Mighty Mojo

    The fraud has nothing to do with race, otherwise the DOJ would be enforcing elections laws like they enforced, and continue to monitor changes to laws, in southern states since the 1960s.

    The people of Florida are being disenfranchised and not a peep for the DOJ Civil Rights division. Demoncrats cheating good, Republicans winning bad.

  4. She doesn’t know what Lisa Barsoomian’s husband’s hands are doing when he shrugs, and neither do I, but I wish he’d been shifting the cuffs on his wrists.

  5. Forgive me please for the negativity, but “body language reading” (especially when the “reader” has a fairly extensive knowledge of outside facts) is complete hooey.

    (Tired of scams.)


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