Rubio Fails to Support Single GOP Immigration Enforcement Bill

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(Breitbart) – The United States is being deluged with illegal immigrants, spurred on by the hope of amnesty. In response, conservative lawmakers have introduced a wide array of legislative proposals to clamp down on illegal immigration.

Breitbart News can now exclusively report that, despite Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign rhetoric, the presidential hopeful hasn’t cosponsored a single one of these immigration enforcement proposals, nor introduced any of his own in the two years since he was the very public face of the Gang of Eight in the Senate.

Instead, while the Senator has left his conservative colleagues’ enforcement proposals out to dry — helping give space to Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to keep them from a vote — Rubio has introduced and sponsored measures designed to expand immigration into the United States.

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11 Comments on Rubio Fails to Support Single GOP Immigration Enforcement Bill

  1. If you’re wondering why the left dominated media, the CofC and the GOPe loves this guy, this is Reason #1. He’s nothing more then JEB!’s butt boy, in the race solely to split the FL primary vote so JEB! could get all of FL’s delegates with 15-20% of the vote.

    He’s a lying POS

  2. Jeb! Rubio Wants YouTo Think Of Him As John McCain Jose Jimenez

    The Other Half of the Machine

  3. There has been an alarming increase in Rubio support in the past two weeks on lots of conservative sites. Hard to tell whether it has been genuine or astroturf. Many people seem to think he “got over” his Gang of 8 shenanigans.

  4. rubio, bush, kasich, gilmore, graham, petaki, fiornia, et al . . .

    We all know who and what you are. Pffft!


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