Rutgers Prof: Squirrel in Spongebob “Sexist”

In a previously unreported statement, Rutgers Professor of Iranian Studies Golbarg Bashi believes that the character “Sandy Cheeks” on Spongebob is sexist.

Dr. Bashi, who was born in Iran, raised in Sweden, and educated in Britain and the United States, received her Ph.D from Columbia University.

According to Bashi’s Twitter profile, she considers herself a “feminist professor” and “cultural critic.” One part of American culture that Dr. Bashi has taken issue with: the squirrel character in Spongebob Squarepants.

The squirrel in Spongebob is from Texas who needs a suit to survive underwater with the other characters in the show. The problem, however, is that the squirrel’s name is “Sandy Cheeks.”

According to Bashi, “Sandy Cheeks” is actually a “sexist” name that shows “misogyny” on the show:
Spongebob Sandy Cheeks
To back up her claim, Dr. Bashi linked to a search she apparently did on Pinterest, which shows women on the beach.

Dr. Bashi is apparently unaware that there are other female characters on Spongebob, including Ms. Puff, the voice of Plankton’s robot/computer, and Pearl, Mr. Krabs’s daughter.

iOTWreport’s Aurelius was the first to report Dr. Bashi’s statements.

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  1. There is genocide occurring in the Middle East as ISIS slices its way through Christian and other populations, and this idiot Middle Eastern Studies professor worries about deep meaning implications of cartoon names. My first thought when I see such asininity is “Typical Obama Voter” as she fully reflects the Obama mindset

  2. So female squirrels on Sponge Bob are sexist, gimme a break it’s a friggin cartoon. So what does that make Patrick Star or Squidworth? And what are they going to do about Rocky the flying squirrel or Secret Squirrel let alone Chip and Dale the two Disney chipmunks?

  3. Leftists sure do like inventing stupid reasons to be offended. That’s why I like to insult them, so they have a legitimate reason to be offended. Plus, it’s fun. I recommend it.

  4. Jesmus clit these people are deranged.
    WTF is it with people coming out of Columbia anyway? Columbia U seems to produce a disproportionate number of graduates completely ate up with the dumbass.

  5. The term “cultural critic” is without meaning. This person is a “culture critic”. If she’s not literate enough to know that, she’s not literate enough to be a legitimate professor. But we knew that.

  6. I recall sometime back reading an article that put forth the belief that SpongeBob and Patrick were closet homosexual lovers. I wonder if that is okay with this feminist twit?

  7. Whoever put that forth is just pushing the gay agenda and does not follow SpongeBob at all.

    SpongeBob actually has a crush on Sandy – he is always trying to impress her and be manly in front of her.

    Patrick has a huge crush on King Neptune’s daughter, Princess Mindy, in the first SpongeBob movie.

    Plus, I always associated “Sandy Cheeks” with simply being a descriptive name because squirrels are associated with having large cheeks to transport food to their nests. Also, it is completely consistent with other characters’ names – SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Squidward Tenticles, Eugene Krabs, Mrs. Puff, Plankton, etc.

  8. “I live in a pineapple under the sea!” Her error was in not “cultural(ly)” critiquing the first premise. Without that it would be impossible to study Sandy Cheeks in her environmental milieu.

  9. Bless her heart. the poor dear is obviously mentally unstable and needs group therapy all by herself.

    What Joe said above is perfect.
    This woman’s concerns are so trivial as to be nonexistent. She needs to crawl back into her absurd hole and come out when she has evolved into a human.

  10. Although I am not a betting man, I would in fact wager that the derirere of the complainant bares (see what I did there?) little resemblence to the iconic images she derides. My observation is that much of the whinging angst disguised as feminist reaction to “misogyny” is actually pure female jealousy of the sort that dates back to the dawn of time. “How dare she have a butt/legs/boobs/lips/skin/hair/clothes/car/house/kids/man/shoes more attractive than me? Waaaahhh!!!”

    All the girls walk by, dressed up for each other. –Van Morrison
    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s ass. –G-d

  11. Dear retards of the world.

    Have you bothered looking at a picture of Sandy Cheeks?

    Her cheeks are the color of, well, SAND!

    Not her rear-end. They don’t even show her ass in the cartoon. Only someone with their mind in the gutter would draw the conclusion. FFS, this is a kids cartoon, not Japanese Anime.

  12. I seriously doubt this bint has spent any time actually watching the show, Sandy Cheeks is a tough independent female character. She doesn’t put up with any crap, she knows martial arts and is very self sufficient.

    Also I’m pretty sure it helps to be high on weed when watching spongebob.

    Maybe that’s what she was missing in her assessment process.

  13. absurdum ist, absurdum est, absurdum east, absurdum west

    that’s Latin and it means we’re surrounded by BULLSHIT!

    (OK, I made that up …)

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