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Ruth Ginsburg officiates wedding without wearing a mask

Outrage as couple post ‘reckless’ photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiating their wedding.

Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiated at a wedding in the middle of a pandemic. Without a mask.

A photo of the 87-year-old – who has survived cancer five times – sparked outrage online.

34 Comments on Ruth Ginsburg officiates wedding without wearing a mask

  1. Zombies can’t die.

  2. Will the vows be overturned by her replacement?

  3. Typical, so not upset about hypocrisy of mask for me and not for thee. Rather her selfishness not taking care of her health. Maybe BLM and Antifa should show up at her house with their guillotine.

  4. She already has cancer, Covid 19 is way down the list.

  5. The kind of wedding she was at should cause her more concern about getting AIDS.

  6. …so? It’s a gay “wedding” so its just as fake and political as the virus itself…

  7. SNS

    Good one!

    That’s how I’m going to describe the WuHuFlu from now on:

    Covid 19…fake as a gay wedding.

  8. Ruuuuuth…….Oh Ruuuthie……..You’re playing with fire……
    You know………you owe me…….

  9. @SNS

    I just guessed, but those are the weddings she seems keen on officiating.

  10. Who the hell dresses her anyway? God Almighty!

  11. Ginsberg: Exhibit A for only the good die young.

  12. Rumor is she wasn’t wearing panties either.

  13. The Wuhan fever can’t affect her. She’ll be around until she gets a bad OS update that bricks her.

  14. gin blossom SEPTEMBER 3, 2020 AT 1:33 PM
    “Who the hell dresses her anyway? God Almighty!”

    …no, it’s not God Almighty, think lower, and more of a sulphur smell…

  15. Anonymous SEPTEMBER 3, 2020 AT 1:38 PM
    Rumor is she wasn’t wearing panties either.

    …here, take a look for yourself, if you’re so keen on it…

  16. So that’s TWO old leftist bags not wearing masks this week. Me thinks me see a YUGE wave of change coming!

  17. She’s probably getting Immunotherapy for cancer, and has more T cells than her body know what to do with.

    She could probably hang around a Cuomo nursing home and not get Cuomo’s curse.

  18. “Solish works at the National Alliance on Mental Illness, while her husband works for the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.”

    They met at a convention, I reckon.

  19. Anyone who’d have Ginsburgh in their life is so sick a mask wouldn’t help.

  20. And yet Republican governors are still going along with this ‘ending lockdown when certain objectives are met’ crap.

    It’s a scam and everyone knows its a scam and yet the people we elected as republicans still force this shit on us.

    If winning elections doesn’t give us the right to run policy, why am i voting?

  21. Let’s see we have Dr Fraud, Nasty Nan, Doug Douchebag, Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg, and Killer Cuomo etc.. all caught without a mask. 🤔

    Tell me again why we still have to wear a friggin mask? 😷

  22. Ruthie and Nancy have no mask privileges. Both are governed by different rules, not permitted for the rest of use.

    If you think otherwise, and that’s not fair. Well, sorry, but you’re guilty of trusting what people have told you, falling for a setup, and falsely believe the rules are the same for everyone.

  23. Don’t you think it’s kind of strange Ginsburg and Pelosi, both at that age where your body could be vulnerable, especially to this virus from what I heard. Isn’t it strange how neither one felt necessary to wear a mask to protect themselves?!?! I mean there is a killer pandemic out there but these two don’t seem to be worried. What do THEY know that we don’t? Hmmmmm

  24. @Mary Hatch – exactly – it’s all a lie.

  25. As a cyborg she will most likely keep going till her lithium battery’s polypropylene film gives up. When that happens she’ll go out with a flash and a bang, mostly a flash. Those democrats are sneaky.


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