Sales-talk about the Islamic ‘Golden Age’

AT: Critics of Islam need to know about the Islamic “Golden Age” because it will be thrown at them on various occasions. That Golden Age ended in the 13th century A.D… Actually, according to many historians, it ended even earlier than that — in the 12th or even the 11th century.

True, at this period there was a lot of culture and civilization in the Muslim world (depending on when and depending on where). Yet that was around eight centuries ago — at the least! Not only that: virtually the entire Islamic Golden Age was engendered by the influence of Greek philosophy and science; as well as of Jewish and Christian theology, and Persian and Indian culture.

It is, therefore, a sign of desperation that Muslims need to go back so far in order to sell us the idea that Islam “is a religion of culture… and peace”.

Even during the Islamic Golden Age minorities were still persecuted and jihad was still fought. In fact, culture and science were some of the results of Islamic imperialism. So, yes, there were also periods of peace and culture.

The thing is that “Islamic culture” was not actually Islamic: it was Muslim. That is, the various cultural flowerings had very little — or nothing — to do with Islam and the Koran.  MORE

6 Comments on Sales-talk about the Islamic ‘Golden Age’

  1. “The Golden Age” of Satan worship … hmmm … I don’t remember reading about that.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. The Islamic Golden Age was when they had a lot of conquered dhimmis who still possessed what was their former first world knowledge. The golden age ran out when they ran out of dhimmis.

  3. As far as I ever learned, anything that Islam ever contributed to humanity (I just threw up a little), was from conquered Persians and other conquered peoples. Nothing from Islam or even Moooslims.


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