San Francisco Dogs Begin Bagging People Poop

BabylonBee: SAN FRANCISCO, CA—The dogs of San Francisco have announced a citywide cleanup initiative, in which the canines will carry little plastic bags with them wherever they go in order to clean up the massive dumps humans keep leaving on the sidewalk.

6 Comments on San Francisco Dogs Begin Bagging People Poop

  1. Heh! But wouldn’t it be better to have animals go through SF and put the pooping people in big plastic body bags? Animals such as wolves and grizzlies? Maybe some alligators and crocodiles?

  2. Exactly animal abuse. I think it to be better that everybody who voted Democrat to go out and clean up the streets. They voted in to office the asshats that allow the city streets to be used as public restrooms and zones of squalor. So they should be the ones to go clean it up.

  3. I’m willing to send mine over. Somebody else’ll have to supply the shovel. There’s a reason I don’t let ’em touch the shovels. Just sayin’.

  4. Maybe it would help if the dogs rubbed San Franciscans’ noses in it and swatted their rear ends with a rolled up newspaper.


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