San Francisco: Furious Residents Slam City’s Plan for ‘Mega’ Homeless Shelter Along Waterfront – IOTW Report

San Francisco: Furious Residents Slam City’s Plan for ‘Mega’ Homeless Shelter Along Waterfront

Hannity: Angry residents packed a high-stakes meeting over the weekend focused on a proposed ‘Mega’ homeless shelter along San Francisco’s famed waterfront district; saying the 200-person facility would likely bring more crime and drug use to the rapidly-changing neighborhood.

“Angry residents have packed public meetings, jeering at city officials and even shouting down Mayor London Breed over the proposal. They say they were blindsided and argue billionaire Twitter executive Jack Dorsey and other tech executives who support the idea should lobby city officials to build a shelter by their homes,” reports the Associated Press.  MORE


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  1. San Francisco and every other sanctuary city deserve all misery heaped upon them, they brought it on themselves.

    When the police are told to leave the bums alone, when enterprising panhandlers can clear 100 grand a year, and when no demands are placed on the homeless, simple stuff like using the public restrooms and not doing your business on the streets, it all fosters a lawless environment of drug deals, car burglaries and entitled detritus who only consume but do not produce.

    I feel the same way about Europe, cutting their own throats with misplaced views on immigration and welfare handouts.

  2. TFB. Suck it up clueless dip shits. You voted for the liberal democrats who did this to you and you always will support and vote for their kind. Live with your mistakes. Do not run away and bring your failed values with you only to turn the city you ran to into the city you ran from.

  3. having a conversation w/ She Who Must Be Obeyed earlier today & said that the ‘progressives’ won’t be happy until we are all living in wickiups

    today’s ‘compassionate’ homeless ‘shelter’ tent cities tend to prove it

    ‘progressives’ is the new term for ‘negatives’ … they want to negate western civilization, & won’t be happy until we are living in a stone age society … ruled, of course, by Ayla & her matrons

  4. So grateful to see Seattle and San Fan Crisco building nuclear powered bum magnets. Can’t imagine how bad Portland would be if not for brain damaged socialists to the north and south. Gimme-gimme, free-shitter, drug addicted, democrat takers sure know how to fool zero wisdom liberals into delivering freebies.

  5. Wife and I used to love the city. Stayed many times at the St. Francis and Four Seasons Hotels there, and had some outstanding dining experiences. The St. Francis Hotel is a historic treasure.

    But sadly I doubt if we’ll ever go back.

  6. The property is a quarter mile, or so, south of the Bay Bridge, in a gentrifying bay side area of the city. It is flat, concrete, and used primarily for overflow parking.
    Its eastern side stops at the water. Priceless in terms of development.

    The advocates for the homeless in the Bay Area are relentless, and quite good at what they do. The hypocrite richie-progs have all the money, and contribute to political campaigns. The pols in SF are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Squish,

  7. Isn’t this the same city that denied George Lucas permission to build his Museum of Narrative Art along the Presidio because it didn’t fit in with the neighborhood?

    But a mega homeless encampment is just dandy? Go figure.

  8. Let’s see how this works: Tech billionaire pushes hoboopolis on waterfront. Waterfront and immediate area property values drop like a rock. Tech billionaire buys up depressed waterfront property. Tech billionaire lobbies city to close hoboopolis. Tech billionaire now owns very valuable property.

    Driving down property values is not a bug, it’s the primary feature. Most middle class folks have a huge amount of their net worth in their real estate. Bankrupting the middle class by killing their savings is written into Marxism, or so I’ve been told.

  9. Gee Wally, who wouldn’t put a caravan together to get in on some free ocean-front property!
    I know Beave, this is getting so absurd they’ll have to send the less affluent homeless to Cleveland for their lakefront residences…

    In Cal the last 30 years the choice as been a far left/progressive GOP, or a left/center D, the last election the GOP libs tried to fool the voters and brought in a “Nanny State” carpetbagger. thinking folk would be too lazy to check out Cox and his government is good history. Cox got destroyed, as have the other prog GOP folk!

    The GOP ran a conservative 30 years ago, Pete Wilson, he beat Brown 3:2; If the GOP honestly wants to win – which they clearly do not!- they would run a conservative!


    Stayed at the SF many times with wife + kids 40 years ago. It was great.
    Wife + I at 4 Seasons a few times 20 years ago. The bar is great!


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