San Francisco homeless given free pass to terrorize citizens

FOM: I’ve blogged about how terrible progressive-run cities have become due to the crimes perpetrated by the homeless. The homeless are free to poop where ever they want, do drugs in the open (and in shelters), drink on the streets and generally continue their dangerous activities with no consequences. Heck, their bad behaviors are even encouraged by the bureaucrats. See the following posts:

A radio producer for KTTH in Washington, Daron Casey, recently visited San Francisco and tells a story of how he was immediately attacked by a homeless person.  more here

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  1. Why? What is the motivation to ignore and/or enable homeless? Money? Politics? Compassion?

    It’s always money, isn’t it?

  2. Are there any cities infested with these aggressive street dwellers in jurisdictions with shall-issue concealed weapon permits or constitutional carry?

  3. @Hans
    It’s money for the politicians, mostly the elite ones, and certainly the left/liberal/socialist ones.

  4. Pretty soon the normal “legal” citizens will be clamoring to lock themselves up just to protect themselves from the free range criminals.

  5. @TommyBoy:

    @Uncle Al: I think you already know the answer to that.

    Yes, I do. But here’s another question, with in all probability the same answer but maybe not. Are there any of these hellish cities in states that reciprocally recognize my Florida permit?

    Not that I’d want to visit any such places, but you never know…

    p.s. I lived in SF from 2004 to 2008. It’s hard for me to imagine that as bad as it was then it’s much worse now.

  6. Nothing nerw.

    Three decades ago they built housing projects along the cable car line to Fisherman’s Wharf so that their pet constituents would not have to expend too much energy or be inconvenienced with a lengthy commute to their place of business, robbing tourists.

  7. It’s on the east coast too. A few weeks ago a friends neighbors went to Virginia Beach for a few days. The family drove to dinner at a place only a mile or so from their hotel. The evening weather was nice, their 27 y.o. son decided to walk back to the hotel rather than ride back. He was attacked by some homeless guy who charged out a dark alley with a knife. Robbery didn’t seem to be the motive. The attacker seemed to be high. The son among other injuries was stabbed in his liver, and required 60+ stitches to close his wounds. He’s lucky to have survived.

  8. Ah, it took a bit of searching with the right phrase, but here’s the story, only slightly different from the second person account I recall my wife telling me. Caleb was stabbed in the kidney, not his liver. I do not know the Tatner family who live four hours from my home. I only know their neighbor. I think Caleb was only able to return home a few days ago after extended stay in Va. Bch hospital. .


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