Saudi Official: Iran ‘Engineered a War in Gaza’ to Ruin Saudi-Israel Relationship – IOTW Report

Saudi Official: Iran ‘Engineered a War in Gaza’ to Ruin Saudi-Israel Relationship


Israel’s public broadcasting corporation, known colloquially as “Kan,” interviewed an unnamed Saudi royal official on Sunday who said Iran “engineered the war in Gaza to destroy the progress in relations” between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

“Iran’s behavior is irresponsible. We all know that Iran is a country that sponsors terrorism, and it should have been stopped a long time ago,” the Saudi official said.

Several other sources have made the same allegation, including U.S. President Joe Biden, who said two weeks after the October 7 atrocities that Hamas “moved on Israel” because “the Saudis wanted to recognize Israel.” Others have suggested Hamas also wanted to wreck Israel’s improving relations with other major Muslim countries, such as Indonesia. more

5 Comments on Saudi Official: Iran ‘Engineered a War in Gaza’ to Ruin Saudi-Israel Relationship

  1. Here’s something that sounding true. Lil Kim demands attention, but has yet fallen short what these muslims “focks” have been up to. Take no prisoners, off with their heads & death to all Americans. Some nasty motherfockers, got nastier with the threat of nukes. What is is going to take to say enough is enough? Prime example of satellite spying on their weapons of war & act to nip it in the bud.

  2. ^ We generally don’t “nip it in the bud.” Gotta let it build and become threatening enough to warrant weapons sales! Then, if it does grow worse, knock it back just far enough to re-fester in the future! Result: more weapons sales! (Cut the grass.)

  3. Look, I do appreciate you input then again exactly how much do things have to escalate before any type of action is taken. Iran has been a thorn in America’s side for how long? Jimmy Carter hostage crisis, yeah that was Iran. For me I don’t buy what your selling.

  4. Wait for weapons sales? They are already selling & providing weapons to Hamas & Putin. It’s muslims just like this who did 9/11. Israel is planning their response to Iran terrorism. These muslims don’t give a whoot if your a Trump or Biden supporter. Wait, well that just might no longer be an option. We generally don’t just do ANYTHING, current MAGA answer.


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