Scam Science – IOTW Report

Scam Science

CARNIVAL SCAM SCIENCE– and how to win.

10 Comments on Scam Science

  1. This is “engineer type” interesting. He applies science, math and statistics to real life.
    The last scene is funny!

  2. Well I guess that helps explain why the clown won at the 2020 rigged election carnival…

  3. “Why.”


    That’s COLD, brah!

  4. Sure would like to watch it but I will not watch 3+ commercials at over :30 each. The internet is not fun anymore.

  5. The parallels between carnival cons and politics is staggering.

  6. I really like Mark Rober. His videos are always intelligent and fun to watch.

    He’s also a friend of a friend and made a personalized video for my son when my son (a huge fan) was 12. You want to win my admiration? That’s a great way to do it.

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