And the rampant rape culture it has produced.

islam rape culture


During recent travel to Scandinavia after a six year absence, the take-away now is even more pronounced: Christianity is a diminishing reality and the new faith that has arisen is multiculturalism.  It may be more evident in Sweden than in Norway or Finland, but nevertheless, it is found everywhere.  As you watch the morning commuter trains unload, four — if not five — out of every ten non-tourist passengers appear to be non-native.  A significant number of the city’s bus drivers in Oslo are Africans. Many of the uniformed personnel in Sweden and Norway appear to be of Middle Eastern origin.


The North Sea oil, which brought enormous wealth to Norway, changed the habits of the once hard-working Norwegians.  The young people in this geographically gorgeous country have been spoiled by instantaneous wealth.  Immigrants from South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America are employed in the service industries in Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.

Not everyone is happy with the current situation in which Third World immigrants are flooding in.



  1. The example of cultural suicide cited in the Front Page article tells up how depraved, how insane the whole idea of multiculturalism is. The fact that people with any intelligence at all cannot or will not see the truth and do something to reverse it, tells us just how close to insanity New Age Liberalism, is.

    Logically, we must ask, “What’s the end game?” Is it one world government? Destruction of western culture? What do Swedish and Norwegian politicians and political theorists hope to achieve by cultural suicide?

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Period.

  2. Blimey, we only did this immigration shiite to rub multi-culti in the noses of the bitching conservatives.
    Who could ever expected the asians to start up child sex grooming and whatnot?

    Not like we could’ve known about it ahead of time…Who cares if we piss away a couple of hundred billion pounds of conservatives’ money ?

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