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Schiff & Co. Making Bank In Ukraine

[From 2019]

The impeachment circus began with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) because Nancy Pelosi didn’t trust Jerry Nadler. It began on the grounds of a false accusation about a phone call between the President of the United States and the President of Ukraine. Schiff, like all Democrats, is hell bent on “impeaching” the president since they cannot defeat him at the polls, had a “Gossip Girl” hearing bringing forward witnesses that literally witnessed nothing. The reason? Ukraine is about to blow wide open.

Schiff is a very curious character. His friends reveal a side of him that is what nightmares are made of and his finances are so “busy” you can’t find your way out of endless shell company rabbit holes. Though, when you begin diving into Schiff and links to Ukraine, a fundraising dinner for Schiff, hosted in Igor Pasternak’s home in 2013 stands out like a sore thumb.

Igor Pasternak was born in Kazakhstan, raised and educated in the USSR governed Ukraine. Though he claims to be born in Ukraine, he and different news agencies claim he is Russian born. His birthplace is disturbingly confusing and obscure. During his course of studies, he wanted to revamp the idea of airships to be relevant again. He founded Aeros in Ukraine and in 1994, he came to America, moving to California. He relentlessly pitched the idea that blimps were the future to transporting goods.

Here is how Pasternak was put on the map. An Air Force base was going to close, so he was able to rent a hanger on the base before it closed down to start making advertising blimps. Nothing is suspicious like the U.S. Air Force forgoing space on their still-active base for a Soviet-Ukrainian to make blimps. MORE

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  1. My, my, what a cozy convenient and profitable relationship all of the “players” had going. No wonder they so viciously and doggedly sought to destroy the outsider who could and would have exposed them.

    I hope like hell that DJT gets a second chance to scorch DC.

  2. @ MJA & BFH

    I suggest you research Ukrainian government persecution of Orthodox Christians, arrest of Orthodox priests and bishops, destruction and closing of Orthodox monasteries and churches and post your findings.


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