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Schlichter: Trump is Right About Judges And Roberts Is In Denial

Townhall: Call it an “aspirational lie,” the kind of lie that an establishment-type tells you that is manifestly, obviously, what-the-hell-are-you-kidding-me false, but he/she/xe tells it to you anyway because he/she/xe really really really wants it to be true and because he/she/xe does not want to admit that his/her/xir institution is broken. Take Justice John Souter Roberts’s astonishingly untrue statement from last week:

We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. That independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.”

Every word of this is blatantly false, and the punctuation is pretty deceptive too. If you dished out such a dog’s breakfast of bogus clichés to one of those vaunted jurists he refers to during an oral argument, you’d have a bad day. And you should.

But the worst part is how transparently false it is, how indisputably and insultingly incorrect it is, how in-your-face-daring-you-to-not-burst-into-laughter wrong it is. Didn’t we just have a national mudwrestling match over a justice Donald Trump appointed? Was it because everyone was really concerned about Kegger Kavanaugh’s high school antics, or was it the fact that he would be a Trump judge? Are liberal weirdos offering Ruth Bader Ginsberg their ribs for transplantation because there is no such thing as a Clinton judge?

Everyone knows the truth. What’s the first thing every single client ever asks me when we get a new federal case in?

Who appointed the judge?

Duh. Because it does matter, more than anything else, and everyone knows it matters more than anything else. Wishing doesn’t make it not so.  more here

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  1. That might be the understatement of the year. Roberts needs to fade off into the sunset. He no longer gives a shit about the Constitution.

  2. …to judge by his tortured Obamacare ruling and basically ALL of his subsequent behavior, whatever the Dems had on Sessions, they had DOUBLE on Roberts.

    …either that, or he just doesn’t want Hillary to visit him with a bad case of “natural causes”, like she did Justuce Scalia..

  3. I figured Roberts was compromised from the get go. He slid into that position with almost no opposition from the Democrats, that suggested to me that they had something on him and could control him. History suggests that my instinct regarding him was more likely than not reliable. The Democrat machine has the goods on him and whatever it is they have on him it’s a real doozy

  4. the same immoral lefty who put in power: Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lerner, Mueller, and Rod just to name a few hyper liberal Deep Staters put the far left progressive Roberts on the Court!

    The Bush Clan hates Don, and has for 3 years. Roberts is speaking got GWB no one else!

  5. I can’t look at Roberts’ picture anymore. It’s always the same one with the same sh!t-eating grin. Instead, I see a 12″ cast-iron skillet.

  6. I firmly believe Roberts has had homosexual dalliances that have been uncovered and he has been compromised.
    On each occasion that a vital decision was being made in the court that shifted the earth under the country he has slipped to the dark side.
    There is something off about the guy.

  7. One of the main points of successful governance is to maintain the pretense of “We do all this for YOU!”

    “I hate money, success, and POWER – I just lower myself to “public service” to do something for you meaningless little people.”

    We hear it every day.
    We suck into the lie every day.
    We pay every day.

    That Roberts is lying fucking hypocrite should surprise no one.
    That President Trump says out loud what the thinking people know is the real shock and surprise – and the source of universal hatred from Gov’t, Media, and Academia.
    They live in constant fear that we, some day, awake and cast off them and their useless (to us), grasping, greedy, money-grubbing, and hate-filled machinations.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. If we don’t have political judges, whats the big fuss about who gets picked, every time? Why all the story tellers that pop up from nowhere, to dump their ersatz stories.

  9. Roberts is doing what he’s expected to do
    He can’t agree with prez without simultaneously
    Recommending removal of dozens of judges.

    Anyone with a brain knows there are plenty of judges
    Who rule as per political dogma
    With NO regard for the law.

  10. FISA court was tainted and is unconstitutional. And this stain appointed the judges. He needs to be impeached for that alone. Also rewriting Obamacare when he knew it was unconstitutional as written. The judges do not write laws – that is the job of Congress. Law should have been sent back to Congress for them to try and rewrite it. Talk about political judges …

  11. Speaking of the packed 9th:
    If you had a job where 79% of all of your work submitted to your superiors for review, said superiors found to be wrong, how long would you keep that job?

  12. Roberts isn’t in de-nial.

    He’s in de-soup. It’s that pesky FISA connection.

    That, and the videos they have of him wearing a lovely Victoria Secret bustier with coordinating
    nipple rings while bonding with a German Shepherd.

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