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School administrators see racism in 7th grader’s yearbook design

EAG: SALEM, Ore. – When Judson Middle School seventh-grader Auzeen Seiffert entered her design for the school yearbook, she saw kids having fun in a lollipop wonderland with blue trees and candy cane lined pathways.

Her classmates also liked her design – which Seiffert described as “two friends playing in a Candyland-like park” – and voted to make it the yearbook cover for 2015-16, The Statesman Journal reports.

The artwork was inspired by the board came and played off the school theme of “Life is Sweet.”

But school officials saw a resemblance of one of Seiffert’s characters to “Little Black Sambo” – a beloved childhood character from the late 19thcentury that turned into a racial flashpoint in the mid 20th century – and ultimately decided to pull Seiffert’s drawing at the last minute, after the yearbooks arrived from the printer, according to KGW.

“There was worry that it might be misinterpreted,” Salem-Keiser School District’s director of middle school education Matt Biondi said. “We try to make sure when we’re conveying something to the community that it be the most respectful to the widest audience.”

Biondi ultimately made the call to can the controversial picture after principal Matt Biondi initially raised concerns because the colors on the yearbooks were deeper than the original picture, and he said staff were concerned it might offend someone.  MORE

16 Comments on School administrators see racism in 7th grader’s yearbook design

  1. it might be misinterpreted,

    As what? Interpreted as Little Black Sambo that looks nothing like the yearbook cover?

    You can use the same argument against Obama, he should have been pulled from office as soon as he was voted in because he could be misrepresented… As Little Black Sambo?

    C’mon, really. What’s the real misinterpretation, do ‘they’ all look alike?

  2. Racist? I think it’s sexist. How did that girl get a band-aid on her knee, hmmm? What exactly are you implying you male chauvinist pig? Yea. Ridiculous like that.

  3. Who even remembers, or has even heard of, Little Black Sambo? No one from this current crop of children, I can guarantee that.
    So. . . . school board, what was your REAL reason? Besides being giant two legged manginas?

  4. Insanity. How did we ever reach this level of insanity?

    Sweet Meteor of Death, come soon. Thy time is long overdue.


  5. If the admins and teachers are worried about appearances being misinterpreted, they should all stop wearing red sweaters or jackets. They might be mistaken for communists, don’t you know. (-:

  6. I bet if she said he was Mohammad they would be fine with the cover. Then again she would be targeted for death by the Jihadi’s for drawing Mohammed. No winning or kids these days.

  7. I guess I am getting confused in my old age, I thought diversity was the all PC thing now. What’s more diverse for a black child and a white child playing in a blue forest. Liberals keep changing the rules, I can’t keep up anymore (not that really want to). Somebody save us from the warped minds of the PC police.

  8. I see the problem. The black kid is smiling happily even though he’s not beating up the white kid.

  9. Sambo was Indian, not African.
    The problem here is the black male choosing a relationship with a white female.
    Black culture places that activity as racist unless the black male is rich and famous.
    Dating a white girl and having fun with her is not allowed.
    If the white girl is fat, and just used for sex but not paraded around in public, that is acceptable.
    Those are the reasons they consider the picture racist.

  10. The school administrators are all assholes who need to resign. Disappointing a child like that is not only unforgivable, it’s also stupid. Are kids that age going to focus on race instead of sweets?

    Auzeen, you done good, girl. I’m sorry your school administrators are such a bunch of dickheads.

  11. Black Sambo. Yeah, the blue hair is a dead give away. Fck’n idiot racists running that school board.

    The kid is a very good artist. Hope this doesn’t put a kink in her artistic advancement.

    Maybe one of the conservative blogs could hire her as a political cartoonist so she can get back at the leftist bastards.

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