School ends merit-based lunch line program amid complaints


TAMPA, Fla. – A Tampa middle school eliminated a controversial incentive card program for the lunch line amid complaints it’s unfair to academically challenged and misbehaving students who end up eating last.

Students at Woodrow Wilson Middle School earn special cards through academic achievement or by improving their behavior or grades, one of many reasons the school is among the top-rated in the city, Fox 13 reports.

Inevitably, some kids don’t earn cards, so they don’t receive the same incentives as those who do. Aside from homework passes or free admission to sporting events, students who earn cards get priority in the school’s lunch line. But two Wilson eighth graders don’t think it’s fair the “no-card kids” eat last, because many are poor or minority students, so they launched a campaign to kill the program.

“Everyone knows that they’re in line because they got a ‘C.’ Like, it’s not private at all,” Alyssa Croker, one of the student activists, told Fox 13. “And it’s really embarrassing for them, I think.”

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  1. Is it horrible to smile at the prospect of these little namby pamby brats being fodder for the smart ones later on in life?

    Oh well, I’ll take my chances.

  2. Parasites of the future. From now on I’ll refer to the democrat party as the “parasite party”. That’s anyone who “earns” their money by the point of the government gun including government employees.

  3. call them instead the Pathogenic Party. as their type of parasitism is neither symbioticnor even mutually beneficial…its just deadly!

  4. Just think of what the lower class social structure would look like if the impregnating men grew up to be godly men, and yes that would mean they’d segregate from their hood culture. Til then, tax dollars to fund programs for kids that know squat about anything.
    God bless the moms in the hood that raise them up though, even if dad bolted to y’know, go do what he do.

  5. So, being socioeconomically disadvantaged is holding kids back from better grades and better behaviour?
    My family never got that memo, thankfully. Even the libs are high functioning libs.
    Bless their hearts.

  6. It says “…two Wilson eighth graders don’t think it’s fair…”.
    That is even worse, hopefully the students know who the assholes are, shunning seems in order here.
    I’m so sick of the do gooders making it all about how they feel.
    Nobody is allowed to succeed or improve because the slackers would be troubled, give us all a break from the silliness.
    I do think the school lunch line is a poor place to show exceptionalism though.

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