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*Scream* He’s got a rubber band gun!!!11!

Saint Louis University lockdown sparked by rubber-band gun.

The school’s official Twitter account initially reported that “a man wearing a black hoodie and who may have a hand gun” was spotted in Spring Hall, a residence hall on the private Catholic campus.

And then there’s this:

College locked down after student with glue gun mistaken for armed man.

University safety officials immediately sent a pair of announcements to students, including one that warned of an “active shooter on campus,” Colgate University President Brian Casey said Tuesday.

SNIP: Stick em up! Heh.

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  1. I was at yahoo and this is how they write, bias much?

    U.S. Good Morning America
    “Armed customer kills man who allegedly shot Texas bar employee to death”

    According to them the customer KILLED but the original shooter was one of those allegedly. Because journalist don’t know how to write properly from the headline I can’t tell if the “to death” part refers to the bar employee that was shot or the perp that was shot.

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