Sebastian Gorka’s speaks to OANN’s Emerald Robinson

OANN’s Emerald Robinson joins Sebastian Gorka on America First to discuss her thoughts about Dr. Gorka’s recommendation for her to become the next Press Secretary.

8 Comments on Sebastian Gorka’s speaks to OANN’s Emerald Robinson

  1. I’d have to see her taking live fire from the dumocrat’s journalists firing lead bees. Shara Sanders will be a TOUGH act to follow for most people.

  2. Her vocal fry is so irritating. Maybe she wouldn’t have much opportunity as Press Secretary to use it as she would be yelling at the press instead of talking.

  3. @SMUDGE

    I’ve been a fan of Ann Coulter for a long time. She would be good in the role, but she and Trump are not buds at the moment. She wanted the wall built yesterday.

  4. PERRY

    She was the best-by far- in mylife time! Maybe the best ever.
    Ann would be great. She has more nuts than any one but Sarah in this job since 1945! but Don and She are not “buds”


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