Secret Emails Used By Obama and Biden Are Hosted By German Intelligence


Robin Ware was LOW hanging fruit and NOT his SECRET EMAIL – HERE IS THE TRUTH.

[Joe Biden’s “incognito” name was Peter Henderson not ROBIN WARE.]

This article has been sent to my Congressional Representative. I urge every American to do the same and demand an investigation into the Obama Administration and Biden “Administration” use of FOREIGN ISP unsecured emails while communicating and transmitting information in an official capacity. It is widely known that the email service they used was CREATED by GERMAN INTELLIGENCE, and they still used it.

Why? TO EVADE NSA detection.

To understand the Biden Crime Family and how they operate, you have to see it through the lens of a RICO prosecutor/ Financial Forensics Investigator with a dash of Intelligence Community Ghost. Robin Ware, the code name that is supposedly a shocker, is not a shocker. It was low-hanging fruit. We knew that name within 24 hrs of accessing Hunter’s emails. It wasn’t that important.

We needed to discover the REAL aliases he used to communicate business dealings with foreign governments, events scheduled with Barack Obama and his sons’ business partners, and foreign dignitaries and agents possibly engaged in other relations with Vice President Biden OUTSIDE his capacity as VP of the United States.

The biggest concern every American should have is that the Bidens and his staff did not use official emails to communicate about events, gatherings, meet and greets, policies both foreign and domestic. Using unofficial and non-secure modes of communications means a significant concern regarding National Security but more so regarding CORRUPT- under the table antics. More incredible is the TYPE of email SERVICE used. GMX mail which is widely known for being the “GERMAN INTELLIGENCE’S Backyard” to all cyber traffic, was what President Obama, Vice President Biden, and “President” Biden used as an incognito email which meant that he was EVADING COMMUNICATION DETECTION. As President or Vice President, you don’t get PRIVACY; you get discretion. As President or Vice President, you represent our nation, and therefore every time you fart, text, hiccup, or swallow, you are being monitored or recorded. 

Wasn’t it a massive deal that Hillary Clinton was using her own private server to communicate? How do you know that Vice President Biden did not transmit classified information using a GERMAN server? You don’t – All you know is what we have available, and it’s not INSIGNIFICANT. more

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  1. I’m certain the DOJ will get right on thi… Uh, no.
    Well I am certain the FBI will get right on thi… Uh, no again.
    The NSA! Yeah that’s it! They’ll get… No.

  2. The DOJ and the FBI are masters of government cover-up when it involved the Socialist Democrat Party corrupt antics. Not to mention Hunter Biden, the Biden Family, Antifa, BLM or the fraud committed during the election of 2020.
    The DOJ and the FBI are complicit and criminally corrupt.

  3. “Peter Henderson” was the name of the KGB mole who was the chief aide for an important Senator in “The Hunt for Red October”.
    Interesting use of an alias by President Puddingbrain.

  4. It is nearly impossible to drive an auto, or a lawnmower, while looking back at where you have been. If we as are to survive this assault in our lives by either naked capitalism or naked socialism, we need to stop trying to pilot the ship looking out the aft deck. I am suspect of anyone continuing to do this without any actions or solutions. you are wasting time and lives, and should know the result of your real inaction is anti American at its core. We did not establish our nation by perusing the crimes of king george God bless

  5. Germany will rise again .Traitor Joe will see to that especially if there might be a dime in it for he and the Hunter.How can this country last with traitors on every corner .They all hate Trump because he is honest believe it or not compared to them he is a saint.


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