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SEIU wasted $80 million attacking McDonald’s

LUR- Last year, according to reports on file with the U.S. Department of Labor, the Service Employees Internationals Union paid Scott Courtney $232,060 in total compensation.

15 dollars and union

However, that is a mere pittance to the estimated nearly $80 million that the SEIU has shelled out in its nearly three-year battle to unionize the nation’s fast-food workers. MORE

9 Comments on SEIU wasted $80 million attacking McDonald’s

  1. Go ahead….Raise the min wage to 15…..PLEASE.

    I can’t wait to pay 10 dollars for a Big Mac!!

    And, I can’t wait for McDonalds to go out of business!

    These fucking idiots who are holding up signs wouldn’t work for 20 dollars an hour…Why should they, when they are getting paid to protest, and paid in food stamps/cash assistance for being permanently unemployed?

    I say shoot them, and bury them in a mound of shit.

  2. We could start our own movement called $16/hr and the right to remain independent! Drop the whole union thing, we’d easily be worth a buck more. Who’s in? We just need a low-wage industry to infiltrate, how about janitorial? We’d stick it to the low paid $15/hr fast food workers with a mop and bucket.

  3. Here’s your 15-bucks an hour, fool. Notice that I’ve fired half the crew, so you need to work a little harder. If you let up, I’ll fire you and hire somebody else who’s willing to work.

    Simple math. Minimum wage is about half of 15-bucks. Fire half of them. After all, have you ever seen a fast foot place where at least half of the workers weren’t goofing off?

    Anyway, in a couple of years, there will be robots making all the food, so all you need is a mechanic, a janitor and a manager.

  4. Trooper gets it, and so does deathbyfarts.
    i agree most of those sign-waving assholes dont really want to work anyway. they just want to scream and get attention.

  5. That guy holding the sign will be begging for $9 an hour when the robot takes his job. Keep it up folks, the day is coming when you won’t be needed at any fast food restaurant or hotel.

  6. McDonalds has already implemented automated servers, like an ATM, you push the buttons and you order is served to you.

    The only thing missing are name tags on the computer you plug your order into.

    (Robot Voice) Hi, I am Sheniqua, Jose’, Devante….can I take your order.

  7. Whenever I hear on the national radio news, they say the min wage will be raised to 11, 12,15, it’s NEVER RAISED FOR 3 or 4 MORE YEARS

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