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Patriot Retort: I follow attorney Will Chamberlain on Twitter.  And while sometimes I disagree with him, I have found that he often makes me think of things in a way I hadn’t before.

When Liz Warren announced her “make everybody else foot the bill for student loan debt” proposal, Will had a pretty unique take on it.

In short, he thinks the solution to crippling student loan debt is to seize the endowments of universities to pay off the debt.

When it comes to endowments, universities are swimming in cash.  We’re talking billions with a B — as Inez Stepman pointed out last month:

Galaxy brain level idea: if we’re eating the rich, @AOC, why would we exempt Harvard’s 39 BILLION dollar endowment from taxes? Why is anyone taking out a single dollar in loans to go to Harvard with that amount of cash laying around?

 And despite these incredibly lucrative endowments, universities continue to charge insane tuition rates that no normal human being can afford on his own.

Why?  Because student loans are guaranteed by the Federal Government (AKA taxpayers). There’s no downside to charging outrageous tuitions because at the end of the day, whether the student can’t pay back the loan or not, universities will get that money.  more here

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  1. The damn university’s have all kinds of liberal money that just keeps accumulating. Churches too. Just point the tax man to it and he will sniff it out.

  2. Some of these Universities are doing great things with their endowments. It would be a bit shortsighted to short shrift departments what are doing important work.

  3. Gimmie a fricking break! That’s all done with government grants. You don’t get the university’s lab time until you sign on the dotted line.

  4. Aren’t ‘endowments’ in fact large tax write-offs authorized by Congress through legislation? (I really don’t know… but they’ve got their fingers in everything.)

  5. An endowment can be made by any entity. The word has no other legal meaning except in (sometimes) how the executor can strictly define where the money goes.

  6. various churches focus on many different things, find a bible believing group of people who are not invested in earthly things.
    Go to collage to learn a skill, go to the real world to learn about life.

  7. Academia is not noble. They have sold their elitist snobbery for those 30 pieces of bribery paid out by the not-to-be-trusted government snoops and scientists.

    CIA Funded Programs at Columbia
    By Compiled FROM College newspapers,
    April 26, 1980
    NEW YORK–The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) directed research projects at Columbia University in the 1950s and ’60s, sometimes channeling funds through supposedly independent organizations such as the National Science Foundations, the Columbia Daily Spectator reported April 17.

    3 Area Colleges Used by CIA in Behavior Testing
    By Bill Richards and
    John Jacobs August 18, 1977
    “The Central Intelligence Agency used the University of Maryland and George Washington University for some of its top secret MKULTRA experiments in behavior control in the 1950s and 1960s, the agency has informed both universities.

    The CIA also officially informed Georgetown University that it had sheltered some of the MKULTRA experiments. Georgetown’s part in the project had been previously reported but not officially confirmed.

    The three local universities were among 80 private and public institutions told in the past few days they had played parts – some wittingly, some not – in the MKULTRA tests.”

    “It has already been reported that the CIA gave the university $375,000 toward a construction of a new medical wing which the agency hoped to use for its experiments. The money was funneled through the Geschickter Fund for Medical Research, a CIA front named for Dr. Joseph F. Geschickter, a prominent Washington pathologist and cancer researcher who taught at Georgetown.”

    Daniel Golden’s Spy Schools: How the CIA, FBI, and foreign intelligence secretly exploit America’s universities .
    By Clara Weiss 
    28 February 2018

  8. The student loan crisis is a total scam: universities charge crazy prices, pay crazy treachers, teach crazy courses and funnel money back to crazy leftist politicians who enable the scam in the first place.
    Like the SEIU-democrat party scam.

    Rake the corrupt universities and take back the money.

  9. Endowments now pay for the most effective research results that money can buy from scamming academic administrators taking their own cuts of the funds being paid for the schools to become part of the military/CIA black ops systems.

    A Healthy Alliance? Universities and the Military
    Posted by:
    Patricia-Maria Weinmann
    Sunday, November 9, 2014

    “The US military budget for fiscal year 2015 is $756.4 billion, the second largest Federal expenditure after Social Security ($896 billion).
    Of the military’s $756 billion budget, approximately $80 billion is allocated for weapons research and development.
    And finally, of that $80 billion for weapons research and development, approximately $12 billion is awarded to American universities.

    On Thursday, November 13th, Radius will host Jonathan King, Professor of Biology and Subrata Ghoshroy, Research Affiliate,
    Program in Science, Technology and Society. They will discuss these issues and more in our program,
    “The Militarization of the University”. Professor King will focus on biological weapons and Mr. Ghoshroy
    on American universities’ growing dependence on the Pentagon for research dollars.”

    A History Of US Secret
    Human Experimentation
    “1987 Department of Defense admits that, despite a treaty banning research and development of biological agents,
    it continues to operate research facilities at 127 facilities and universities around the nation.”

    The Bush Administration’s Secret Biowarfare Agenda
    By Stephen Lendman
    Global Research, July 28, 2008

    “Private Bioweapons Labs Cashing In

    According to the Sunshine Project, “scores of US universities and biotechnology companies (since 2001)
    have benefitted handsomely from billions of dollars in ‘biodefense’ cash. Across the country, ‘biodefense’ labs are sprouting up like weeds. The unrelenting spigot of federal money (has) thousands of scientists and technicians” doing bioweapons research on some of the deadliest pathogens. But the problem is much greater than that:

    — projects underway are illegal;

    — immense secrecy enshrouds them; and

    — federal oversight is so lax that NIH safety guidelines aren’t enforced and CDC poorly identifies
    problems it should address; as a result, “accidents are popping up everywhere” amidst a “pervasive
    cover-up culture” that hides them – in direct violation of federal rules and responsible practice that:

    (1) require government agencies to protect the public from dangerous pathogens, and

    (2) obligate research labs to disclose the nature of their work; failure to do so suggests alleged biodefense research is,
    in fact, cover for offensive biowarfare programs to complement Fort Detrick and other government site efforts.”


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