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The HodgeTwins discuss the Kanye situation.

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  1. Kanye definitely has mental health issues. Bipolar and/or Paranoid Schizophrenia, means he has NO filter – bizarre behavior is his normal.
    He can’t finesse his comments. I get what he was attempting to say and do. It all just comes off unbalanced.
    Kanye tried to state he loves everyone in obedience to God. Nothing wrong with that, but he worded it without the context – evil men can be forgiven through Christ.

    Hitler was a demoniac monster, with gifts God gives everyone. He deserves no admiration for those gifts. Only God gets the glory and credit.
    I think Kanye was attempting to illustrate how the left won’t even allow an independent discussion about what they find too offensive. Free speech includes talking about controversial subjects. No one should be “cancelled” for it.

    Also, since Kanye is an entertainer he depends on shook value – an entertainment trademark overused by Hollywierd from the beginning. Kanye’s outlandish costumes and behavior combined with he’s state of mind creates a Bizarro world encounter. He made Alex Jones uncomfortable That’s a rare accomplishment. LOL!

    Kanye did make the point that censorship should be eliminated from social media, society in general. He’s right, even though He presented his opinion as only he can – narcissisticly uninhibited.

  2. Both Kanye West and the top-and-bottom-heavy 40+ cougar and child abuse Turk Kardashian character are mentally defective unstable. They fed off one another and now that they’re not together anymore they became more of nut jobs on their own.

  3. I don’t think Kanye is mentally ill, per se.
    I believe his brain is simply underdeveloped.
    Borderline retarded but his creative side is there and allowed free-reign.
    His education was likely non-existent.
    He thinks he’s far smarter than he actually is due to the parade of sycophants in his life.
    The man is not a deep thinker, never will be.
    His music creativity is produced by the irrational thought and dead ends his limited brain provides.
    That’s fine, the meek shall inherit the earth.

    I don’t like or hate his music, it’s simply not my style.
    That said, he has a talent that millions paid to hear, so I won’t say his music sucks.

    I think his latest rantings are a cry for attention but what he didn’t plan for was the push-back.
    He has been able to say what the hell he wants the past years and decided to push the boundaries.
    His ego was unchecked and finally led to his societal demise.

    Sure Kanye, you can say you are more powerful than God all day…
    But criticize the Jews?
    Bridge too far!


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