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Sen. John Kennedy Sums up the Biden Classified Docs Scandal as Only He Can

RedState: At this point, if you wanted to make up a story of how bad Joe Biden was, you couldn’t have come up with anything much worse than what he’s done to himself with this classified documents scandal. No one would have believed that you could have Joe Biden leaving classified documents everywhere, even in a garage next to his Corvette. It’s like they took everything he and the Democrats accused President Donald Trump of (without the excuse of being president, the Presidential Records Act, and being able to declassify things) and made it stupid–including with a handy-dandy cover-up on top of it all, by not telling us about finding the documents starting two months ago.
But no one can quite sum up a situation like Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), “I find all of this surreal.”

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  1. He appropriated one of Chris Plante’s tag lines.
    If it weren’t for double standards leftists would have no standards at all.

    It’s a great line and I have used it myself. Glad to know Kennedy is a fan of my favorite radio guy.

  2. The hazmat suit line was also good, typical Kennedy boilerplate, but there is nothing really to clean up. There is no will in the Justice Department to seek justice, there is no will in the press corp to either pursue or uncover the story.

    Their guy is in charge and as such, he needs to be insulated and protected. If corners were cut it was inadvertent and should not detract from all the good work that he is doing.

  3. I Have Some Questions . . .


    The Powers that be have known about President Biden Classified documents since November 2nd or 3rd [at the latest] of the Year 2022 and it is now in the middle of January of the Year 2023.

    FOX News TV Broadcast 2 minutes and 25 seconds.
    I Have Some Questions

  4. Any reasonably smart person would have thought last summer “Hmmm, they’re going after Trump over old classified documents. Maybe I should go through my stuff to get rid of anything similar.”
    But noooooo. slo-joe’s a f-in moron.
    Unless…this is all a set up to force him out before they all get exposed for much worse stuff once everyone starts investigating hunter. But then it proves biden is still a moron.

  5. I beg to differ! The stolen documents were not being stored in creepy Joes garage it was actually being used as the drop off spot to give his buddies, the Chinese spies, access to them!

  6. Not sure whether or not this has legs – it is DC afterall…

    Could be a setup to get rid of the dawdling moron – to be replaced with a whore?

    Too bad “we” (aka: Conservatives in power) don’t have the power to stop mail-in election stealing…

    There are other options, but they would take organization to achieve them, and those in power would not stand by and watch.

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