Sen. Johnson Discusses ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Biden Family Grifting – IOTW Report

Sen. Johnson Discusses ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Biden Family Grifting

GP: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) joined Fox News to discuss the revealing Biden family bank records and the media ignoring his 2020 report on the grifting family.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the media’s constant coverups to protect the Biden family. After 18 months The New York Times and Washington Post finally admitted the Hunter Biden laptop was authentic and not Russian propaganda as they originally reported.

Johnson has come under fire for his efforts to expose the truth to the American people. In an interview with on the Dan Bongino Show in 2021, Johnson said he was “set up” by FBI-Stasi agents to stop him from talking about Hunter Biden and his filthy perverted lifestyle.

In his interview with Fox News, Johnson discusses the shocking extent of the revelations on the Biden crime family. MORE HERE

12 Comments on Sen. Johnson Discusses ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Biden Family Grifting

  1. Jimmy Carter was way over his head, but not corrupt. Joe Biden is both way over his head and corrupt.

    Joe wins the title of “Worst American President.”

  2. “SEN. JOHNSON: Yes. Unfortunately, Sen. Grassley and I ran out of time, that was toward the tail end of that Congress and then we lost the majority so didn’t have the chairmanship any more. But now the House does, so certainly I’m encouraging James Comer and the House Committees to subpoena the other bank records.”

    In other words, Dem-run Senate knows all of this, and if it were nonpartisan would investigate, but has no interest in investigating its own. This is ‘democracy’ vs. ‘republic’ in the most plain terms possible. It isn’t illegal if we have the majority.

  3. LCD- Not only does the Dem-run Senate knows all of this, so does the Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media! They are in the business to know and find out stuff that would curl your toes, ,but mums the word if it involves a democRAT, but when it involves a Republican, Holy Hanna bar the doors!

  4. What would be more to the point would be explaining the Satanic influence the bastards operate under in detail. Not that the Biden clan is unique in that regard, but they certainly are transparent about it.

  5. Jaw Dropping in as much as a Republican actually calling them out vs Jaw Dropping with regard to the Bidens and what they are. I’m inclined to go with the former.

  6. WYATT
    Jimma was a crook!
    one of Ronny’s adds in 1980 featured the “judges” who asked for bribes from NAACP thugs! They said , “we were just doing what we did when we bought our Judgeships form president Carter?”!
    Jimma may not have been a corrupt s GWB; BUT A CROOK HE WaS!

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