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Senate Republicans Celebrate Their Surrender

Patriot Retort: You gotta hand it to the Senate Republicans. When they bend over and take it in the bum, they party like Obama.

When it comes to Senate Democrats, Surrender, not Victory, is something to celebrate.

The ridiculous “Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill” is a heaping pile of garbage, yet the Senate Republicans who plan to shove this $1.2 Trillion in spending down our throats think we should be cheering them on for doing it.

“Yay! We caved to the Democrats and are passing a lard-filled pile of garbage! Cheer for us!!!”

Sorry, no sale.

Leading the Senate Republicans Surrender Cheer Squad is Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy who can’t stop crowing about how wonderful this bill is and how stupid you are for not celebrating with him.

See, Surrender Cassidy took to Twitter and itemized all the wonderful infrastructure spending in this $1.2 Trillion bill. And when you add up all the wonderful items Bill Cassidy included in his tweets, the total spending is $415.5 billion.

Then why isn’t the total cost of the bill $415.5 billion? Why is it $1.2 Trillion?

Well, permit me to answer that. It’s $1.2 Trillion because the majority of the so-called “infrastructure” bill is isn’t going to “hard infrastructure” as Surrender Cassidy calls it. more

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  1. It’s my understanding that this bill makes it a federal hate crime criticize mandates from the CDC. The private vaccine company. With the passage of the bill we will officially and legally be living under a bio medical security dictatorship.

  2. @Cmn¢¢guy – “…Obviously no clue what is really going on…”

    Otherwise known as Useful Idiots – a critical component for the communist takeover.

  3. As long as republican voters keep rewarding these douchebags by reelecting them. why would they ever change?

    There is nothing but more of this to look forward to because they are never held accountable.

  4. They don’t care what their constituents think.
    Maine Republicans, that is the average voter and not the elitist wannabes in the GOP organization, are ticked off at Collins.
    She is retiring supposedly so she is going full on libtard.

  5. I guess the dumb bastard hasn’t paid attention to the recent downturn in the careers of Murkowski, Romney, and Cheney. Guess who’s next…..

    Best start lining up that k street gig Billy boy.

  6. Every one has a long history of hating Ronny and voting left! Not a shock. Makes me mad; YES But few re more liberal than Blunt! At least he is consistent! His liberal/leftist deeds are always contrary to his “compassionate conservative” words.

    Tell me if Im wrong. Did this leftist Ronny hater lead the Bush Republicans in voting Don guilty in Jan?

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