Senate Republicans confirm Trump judicial nominee

FOX: For years, senators have been able to effectively block judicial nominees from their home states through what’s known as the “blue slip” process.

But on Thursday — amid Republican frustration over many of President Trump’s nominees being blocked — Senate Republicans decided to override one such objection from a Democratic senator and confirm the nominee anyway.

Milwaukee attorney Michael Brennan was confirmed to fill an opening on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin had stalled Brennan’s nomination.

The seat has been open for more than eight years, the longest for the nation’s appellate courts.

Until this year, it had been nearly three decades since the Senate confirmed a judge without two positive blue slips. Brennan’s confirmation marked the second time it has happened this year. read more

7 Comments on Senate Republicans confirm Trump judicial nominee

  1. President Trump won the election. Semicretins who don’t like it should stat spending all their off tIme in ail until they GOYA!

  2. Say what you will about McConnell (and there’s a lot bad to be said), but he’s supported Trump on these appointments from Day One.

    I think Dingy Harry got under his skin with all his games.

  3. Did I miss something? Aren’t these federal judges, not state. Why does the blue slip rule exist at all?

  4. Tammy Baldwin is up for re-election this year. It sure would be nice to see that miserable bitch defeated.
    Hopefully Republicans can field a viable candidate.

    Baldwin got elected out of pity and her anti-Bush positions. That’s played itself out at this point.

    Let’s go, Wisconsin!!!!


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