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Senate Vows Vote on Abortion, but Not Filibuster Changes

Newsmax: Furious Senate Democrats vowed Tuesday to vote on legislation to protect abortion access for millions of Americans, but without broader support from Republicans, Congress is essentially powerless to prevent the unraveling of the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling.

Amid fallout from a leaked draft Supreme Court opinion, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the conservative justices “lied” to the Senate during confirmation hearings when they assured senators the case that since 1973 has allowed abortion access was settled law.

And two Republican senators who publicly support abortion access, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, but have voted to confirm conservative justices vented their frustrations at the court’s draft document and pushed their own bill to turn the Roe v. Wade ruling into law. more

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  1. Check this out. .

    If the Supreme Court rules Rowe v. Wade UNCONSTITUTIONAL,then no “law” passed by the senate to reinstate the ruling of Rowe v. Wade would be constitutional.

    The Senate does not have constitutional authority to create its own CONSTITUTIONAL authority or to pass laws beyond its CONSTITUTIONAL authority.

    The ONLY way the senate can obtain the authority to pass an UNCONSTITUTIONAL law is by AMENDING the constitution. The senate does NOT have that authority.

    Without CONSTITUTIONAL authority the Supreme Court will strike such a “law” as UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Those who suggest that such a Supreme Court ruling can be circumvented by congressional action are ignorant, posturing or stupid…pandering to their base.

    Think about it.

    Just sayin’.

  2. There remains no decency that a red diaper doper baby will not violate. No trust is vital enough or sacred enough, the ends always justify the means with these demons.

    Some little self entitled indoctrinated from birth Marxist turd just destroyed the emnity of the SC forever.

    My consolation is that this will backfire spectacularly on the Demonrats. This little Judas jackel may be the hero of the day and probably set for life for their betrayal but overall this will hurt their cause more than help.

    Their powder will dry before November. Most minds are made up and abortion will still be legal and available in over half the country, the remainder will just take abortion pills through the mail.

    No, the real effects will be the backlash as the demons overplay their outrage and hatreds yet again.

    Roe was an unconstitutional abomination, I’m glad it was aborted.
    Now maybe some innocent infants will be spared.

  3. Maybe the time for a “Spring Time for Biden” scenario needs to happen…in Congress first and then at a press conference with the Big Guy and oblowme in attendance.

  4. The first commenter has it right!

    If Roe v Wade is overturned and abortion is illegal in one state but legal in another, can a woman travel to that state and have an abortion and return to her home state where it is illegal and face no consequences? If it is considered murder, would it be treated as such? Would those now defunct abortion centers re-open as travel agencies for the pregnant would(not)-be mothers?

  5. I could be wrong, perhaps someone can tell me, but I’d bet that oBlowmecare covers all costs for an abortion but offers no $$ to pay for childbirth (if your deductible is $5000+, then you have no coverage).

    Choice? Sure, only if you choose infanticide.

  6. The people in power say things and then demand everyone else believe it regardless of it’s constitutionality. A person is who they want to be (male/female) And must be treated so, vaccinated people will be less likely to get and spread COVID, Joe Biden didn’t steal the election, Trump colluded with the Russians, Hunter’s laptop was fake and now abortion is constitutional because we say it is.


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