Sex, Drugs and Democrats

American Thinker:

Can you imagine the headlines we’d be reading if Ed Buck was a Republican?  You might even be wondering, who is Ed Buck?  Reporting on his crimes has been less than enthusiastic up to this point, but given the pattern of behavior and the increase in frequency of the “incidents,” the story cannot be ignored for much longer.

According to the police in West Hollywood, Ed Buck, a violent, dangerous sexual predator, lured homeless victims with money, drugs, and the promise of shelter to his home, where he apparently attempted to murder them with lethal injections of amphetamines.  I generously used the word “apparently,” since author Ian Fleming wrote, “Once is happenstance.  Twice is coincidence.  Three times is enemy action.” Keep Reading

11 Comments on Sex, Drugs and Democrats

  1. Ed Fuck = people, black dudes, die.

    This inhuman is but the tip of the spear with this apparent sub culture. Get it?

    Speakin’ of a nice poisoned spear right now.

  2. This guys screen name should be Irrepressible. For Christ sake they had him dead to rights 3 months ago. And he did it again? Hopefully this freak gets bled slow in prison and that’s the end. Wada freak.

  3. Freakazoid sicko heinous POS BIG MONEY DEMOCRAT.

    I could provide more offensive adjectives, but I don’t think Mr Big, or others, would approve, holding the tongue!

  4. Terrence Patrick Bean is an American political fundraiser, a civil rights activist, and a pioneer of the LGBT rights movement. He is known for co-founding several national LGBT rights organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. As of 2012, he is the CEO and President of Bean Investment Real Estate and resides in Portland, Oregon.

    Eight days after filing a $2 million lawsuit against a police detective and a prosecutor pursuing criminal sex abuse charges against him, Portland real estate developer and activist Terry Bean suddenly dropped his lawsuit.


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